Happy Holidays (and Happy Theming!) from Sencha

To all our developers, partners, customers and friends, from all of us at Sencha we want to wish you Happy Holidays. In the spirit of writing some code for the holidays (and for a little bit of fun), we’ve created a special Winter Theme for Sencha Touch!

If you want add some snowflakes to your Touch application, visit the Sencha Market and get the ZIP archive. The ZIP includes full instructions to get the theme to work on your Sencha Touch 2.1 application. The theme consists of three files — a Sass file and two images. Compile the Sass with compass and place the images in the location as described in the instructions and you’re on your way.

We look forward to seeing the apps you create with this theme — and maybe a holiday theme of your own! Remember that you can always submit your app to the Sencha App Gallery or your themes to the Sencha Market. Enjoy!

Happy Holidays from all of us at Sencha!


  1. Piet Crombach says

    Nice theme. Great work. Nice example ow to use an image as a toolbar background.
    On question. I see error about not able to load fonts. Where do I get fonts and how do I integrate fonts in Sencha Touch.

  2. Aditya Bansod says

    Hi Piet — thanks for finding that, it’s in fact a little bug in the holiday theme. We’ll get it fixed up and reuploaded. In the meantime, you can add the import in to the scss file for the Google Web Font for Puritan.

  3. P.J. Crombach says

    Hi Aditya,
    I have donwloaded the 2 fonts from http://www.squirrelfont.com. Nice. now all browser shows the same fonts in my app. I alos tweaked some classes to show the background in all panels and in all toolbars. Now there is more snow in all panels..
    I used this theme to show a customer what is possible by theming. He was excited.
    So nice work, man….

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