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What is Sencha Space?

HTML5 is the clear choice for creating high-performance apps for today’s multi-device world. But, businesses have struggled to deploy, provision, and manage HTML5 apps to their users while keeping security policies intact.

That’s why we built Sencha Space — a secure and managed environment for business applications that runs on any mobile device. With Sencha Space, developers have the capability to build powerful business apps using a rich set of device-level APIs, and IT has a secure way to deploy and manage apps without having to taking ownership of personal devices. Best of all, your users can access all the work-related apps from their mobile device while keeping their personal data personal.

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Why You’ll Love Sencha Space

Sencha Space DevelopersDevelopers

With Sencha Space, you no longer have to write a new app every time a user brings a new device into your organization. You can code once using a rich set of device-level APIs and deploy your apps in a secure environment.

Sencha Space ITIT

Sencha Space gives IT a powerful and intuitive admin panel to deploy and manage applications for all their users, to enforce data and app security policies, and to easily equip every employee with the apps they need, on any kind of mobile device that employees choose to use.

Sencha Space Business UsersBusiness Users

Sencha Space allows users to use their personal phones and tablets for work safely and securely, while still having the flexibility of using business apps in an unobtrusive and secure environment that IT can feel good about.

Sencha Space Architecture

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Sencha Space Architecture