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Sencha Space is a secure, cross-platform environment for your mobile web and HTML5 apps. You can use it to help:

  • Build — Reduce the cost of developing secure, cross-platform mobile apps
  • Deploy — Simplify app deployment for both testing and production
  • Manage — Enforce policies to secure your users, data, and applications
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IT Administrators


IT professionals face increasing pressure to expand enterprise mobility options. However, in order to be successful, they must address serious challenges, including:

  • Managing the security risk of personal-owned devices in the enterprise
  • Enforcing fine-grained policies for users, devices, and applications
  • Addressing the gaps in today’s Mobile Device Management solutions, particularly around securing apps and data directly, even across organizational boundaries
  • Controlling IT expenses, while overcoming the challenges listed above


  • Protect data at-rest with encrypted, digitally signed storage helping to secure and isolate business data from personal data and applications on the device
  • Secure data in-motion with SSL-encrypted network connectivity and VPN support
  • Centralized administration places control of user/group provisioning, access control, and data security at administrators’ fingertips
  • Reduce administrative overhead with an elegant, central management console
  • Protect the privacy of your users by maintaining strict separation between proprietary and personal data
  • Deliver and manage your applications and data on devices you do not own, control, or cannot access (e.g. contractors, business partner devices)
Keep Data Secure
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CIO/CSO & other Executives


Organizations face a growing risk of cyber attack, data breach, and targeted malicious activity. These risks present today’s CIOs and CSOs with the following challenges:

  • Capturing the value of enterprise mobility — increased productivity and end-user satisfaction — while managing the security risks
  • Directly managing users, apps, and data, picking up where device-level Mobile Device Management (MDM) solutions stop
  • Creating a stable mobility strategy that will not change with each minor evolution in the mobile hardware and OS market


  • Protect the confidentiality and integrity of mobile proprietary data with secure storage that uses strong encryption, digital signature, and key management mechanisms
  • Simplify audit and compliance with detailed activity reporting
  • Central management of fine-grained access control policies for both users and devices
  • Reduce operational expense by simplifying the application development, delivery, and security processes
  • Extend enterprise mobile solutions on a per-project basis, even to people who are not full employees
  • Reach a wider audience by offering a powerful, elegant mobile application user experience
Deploy Apps
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Application Developers


Mobile application development has become increasingly complex with the proliferation of mobile devices and OS platforms. App development teams must address the following challenges in order to operate effectively:

  • Reducing the cost of mobile app development across platforms
  • Improving the efficiency of application development, test, and distribution processes
  • Delivering secure cross-platform apps, while focusing on core competencies, and eliminating multiple redundant code bases
  • Managing the lifecycle of applications and data even for non-employee business associates, such as partners and contractors


  • Eliminate the need for multiple code bases and reach more users faster with JS/HTML5, one of the world’s largest developer communities
  • Cross-platform APIs allow access to device OS and hardware
  • Deliver secure, modern, mobile user experience without native development complications, such as cross-browser/device compatibility, native packaging, and app-store distribution
Application Developers
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End Users


Until now, using a personal mobile device for professional purposes has had numerous drawbacks. Existing mobility management solutions such as Mobile Device Management (MDM) offerings can help to enforce basic security compliance on supported devices, but do not address certain key concerns.

  • MDM does not help to maintain the separation of professional and personal applications and data
  • You can’t force non-employee associates, such as partners and consultants, to install MDM on their devices
  • MDM can result in loss of personal privacy because it does not keep personal and business data separate
  • Having to install numerous business apps on a personal device can result in app sprawl on the device


  • Enhance your productivity by making it easy to use your personal mobile device for work
  • Protect your privacy by keeping a strict separation between personal and professional apps and data
  • Prevent IT from taking over your personal device by having a single mobile application that contains and provides secure, managed access to your organization’s mobile web and HTML5 apps and data
End Users