Sencha Touch oData Connector and Samples for SAP

Today we’re releasing the Sencha Touch oData Connector for SAP, available on the Sencha Market. We’ve partnered with SAP to make it easier for SAP customers to build HTML5 applications using Sencha Touch. Sencha Touch is often used to build apps that mobilize enterprise applications, and using the oData Connector, Touch developers can now connect to a variety of SAP mobile solutions such as Netweaver Gateway, the Sybase Unwired Platform, and more. We announced our partnership with SAP earlier this year and have been working actively with SAP to build this shared capability to make it easy for developers to quickly build rich mobile enterprise applications.

The download comes with a getting started guide, a sample application, and the Sencha Touch oData Connector for SAP. The sample application, Flights Unlimited, connects to a hosted demo SAP Netweaver server and uses the oData Connector to query flight times, passenger manifests, pricing information and more. The application is built with Sencha Touch, so it’s pure HTML5 and can be deployed to the web, or hybridized with Sencha Touch Native Packaging for distribution to an app store. It’s a complete and comprehensive application that shows how developers can leverage the power of Sencha Touch and SAP mobility solutions together.

If you want to learn more, SAP hosted a webinar from SAP Labs in Palo Alto where we talk with SAP about how we’re enabling the oData capability and show off the Flights Unlimited demo. The recording of the webinar is available for streaming online.

We’re excited to see what our global development community will build with the new oData for SAP connector!


  1. Bunchofstring says

    When I click the Sencha Market link above, I get “Hmm… The page you’re trying to reach could not be found”. Is it just me?

  2. Robert Birkenheuer says

    I tried to run the sample application FlightsUnlimited but it doesn’t get further then showing the loading screen.

  3. Edmund Leung says

    @Robert Birkenheuer: did you try the production version (FlightsUnlimited/build/production/index.html) or the debug version (FlightsUnlimited/index.html)?
    – The production version should work as its
    – To get the debug version to work, you will need to download and add the Sencha Touch SDK to the project folder

  4. Jun says

    the sample code does not work well. it always shows me the error msg:”HTTP Request initialization Cross Origin Request”.

    who can help me on this issue?

  5. Edmund Leung says

    @Jun, please refer to the readme included in the sample package to configure your browser to allow cross-domain requests.

  6. Jun says

    Thank you! @Edmund, I can run it on my computer. but I have another question about the cross-domain, how to run it on ipad or mobile devices? such as: I made a package for IOS with these codes , it failed as the problem. shall we solve it by our codes as I am not familiar with the cross-domain? Thank you.

  7. Robert Birkenheuer says

    @Edmund Leung: I found the problem. My server didn’t return the app.json. After adding the file to the mime types on my server it is working.

  8. Cous says

    Just for you to know: there’s a little typo in the readme file. For OS X user; the command for running chrome without security would just be :
    open -a “/Applications/Google” –args –disable-web-security
    ’cause Preview replaces returns by spaces …. – and no guillemets…
    Anyway; as a SAP developer; I just can’t think of all the opprtunities we now have with such a connector.
    Well done ;-)

  9. Scott Stefanich says

    Edmund, are there any design considerations when using Sencha Architect to build Sencha Touch apps which use the oData Connector for SAP?

  10. Philippe says

    i’m trying to create a mobile application with Zend Framework and Sencha Touch, PHP,MySql for the background and SenchaTouch for my interface, but i’m dont have a lot experience, so i would like to ask for some tutorials, links, or some source codes, cause i really want learn it,
    which one do you recommend: Zend Studio, Eclipse, Sencha Architect ??
    I’m more adapted with Zend Studio some one know how can i add the Sencha Touch library ??
    basically my problem is how to create the structure, the bases, for work with twice languages,
    thanks so much

  11. says

    Not even a month passed by and the video was removed, the help page is not working and the demo service does not allow custom cross-domain!

    What a shame! I thought Sencha really has a better quaility working approach….I guess I was wrong.

  12. Edmund Leung says

    @Scott Stefanich: Currently, Architect will not recognize the oData proxy as a Framework component and you will need to configure it as part of the code. Supporting custom component is on the roadmap of Architect.

    @Philippe: I suggest you to check out and review the Touch documentation portal at: to get familiar on Sencha Touch. Architect is also available as a 30-day trial to help you get familiar with the product. If you are planning to use Sencha Touch, I would recommend trying out Architect

    @DotNetWise: The code talk video should be working:

  13. Scott Stefanich says

    Edmund, thank you for the Architect + oData proxy clarification.

    Regarding the example code and future documentation mentioned in the CodeTalk video,

    1. Is the example code no longer available at
    2. When will the documentation be available?

  14. Jan Schober says

    @Edmund: Regarding oData Proxy in Archtect: Is there a guide on how I would need to configure the oData Proxy as part of the code? My goal would be to just make it available somehow in an Architect-based app.

  15. Shirlie March says

    @Nitesh: we no longer support and maintain the oData connector. Please visit the forums to get information on current connectors.

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