Sencha Touch Roadshow Coming to a City Near You

Catch up with Sencha Touch experts in 5 cities this December at our free mobile HTML5 workshops.

It’s been a really exciting month of news in the mobile app development space. HTML5 is coming in to its own as the premier application platform for building mobile apps. And while it’s been around for a while, it’s still new and unfamiliar to a lot of developers. There are folks looking at HTML5 for the first time, as well as people who are looking to take their HTML5 skills to mobile.

So, today we’re excited to let you know that “we’re hosting a free roadshow at five cities in the United States”: to help developers get up to speed on HTML5 and also Sencha technologies! This free, half-day workshop is designed to educate developers on how they can leverage HTML5 in mobile and how to build rich applications built on open standards. If you’re new to HTML5 or new to mobile, this is the perfect workshop for you.

Bring your own laptop and join us to learn how to build mobile HTML5 applications. We’ll have Sencha experts on hand to show you the ropes of HTML5, and help walk you through app development in a fun, workshop environment. We’ll have coffee ready in the morning and work with you all the way through the free lunch in the afternoon. You’ll be building mobile web apps that work on the best touchscreen devices in no time.

We’ll be covering the following three topics:

* HTML5 basics: what it is and how it’s different from other mobile platforms
* Sencha Touch 101: getting your environment ready, and getting started
* Building with Native Packaging: get your app to the App Store fast

Space is limited, so if you’re interested, sign up now!

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Aditya is Sencha's vice president of product marketing and is responsible for the product planning and strategy for Sencha's product lines. Prior to Sencha, Aditya held various senior product management roles at Adobe and Microsoft, focusing on developers and media in the mobile and consumer electronics space.


  1. Jay Robinson says

    Les, I’m not sure the format of these events is going to lend itself well to video. But keep your eye out for SenchaCon videos!

  2. Zoe says

    Did anyone receive a confirmation email in response to the initial registration? I got nada. Although I now notice SF (& NY) are showing they are full. I’m pretty sure it was not displaying this when I signed up around two weeks ago…
    Information would be nice, guys!

  3. Max Pham says

    Hmm, we signed up several employees about 2 weeks ago when this was first announced and we have yet to receive any confirmation emails. We’ve signed up for the Seattle conference and that is approaching next week. It doesn’t say if it is full or not so unsure how to make office plans to drive up to the training. Not even sure if we are registered for not.

  4. Kosta says

    Signed up (Seattle) a long time ago (through my corporate email). Nothing, nada! The event is next week. What is going on?

  5. Vishal Ghelani says

    Are there any updates on location, time and confirmation for Los Angeles? Several of our employees have signed up and none of us have received any information. It is only a week away and we need to make arrangements. Any update on this would be appreciated.

  6. J. Atwood says

    This is getting ridiculous. Signed up a month ago for the NYC Roadshow. One week out and I still haven’t even received confirmation that my request was even received. Is this event even happening?

  7. Zoe says

    I never did get any acknowledgement of my signup to the SF installment, but apparently it did go ahead last week, without a bunch of people:!/Sencha/status/142606931553554433!/Sencha/status/142607303961624576
    Still Sencha, is a basic email to say ‘sorry, we got inundated – you’re on a waitlist’ too much to expect? Apparently so, but in case it needs pointing out, it is so lame that I had to dig up a twitter feed to find out that the event was happening/had happened. Did you just evaporate your form submissions past a certain count?

  8. Dan says

    Does anyone from Sencha actually care that you are dissing potential/existing developers in not even responding to blog entries about the roadshow sign up problems? As Zoe said, a simple email to say “go away, we’re full” would be nice, or better yet, taking down the registration page for certain cities?

  9. Sam says

    I signed up for Chicago a while back and have heard nothing. I would really like to attend the class, but I don’t even know if it is happening. Can someone from Sencha please respond. Thanks.

  10. Artem S says

    Hm… signed up for NYC event about a month ago, no emails ever. Planning to go, but not sure now… is it happening?

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