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Sencha Roadshows in London, Paris and Munich

December 20, 2018 133 Views


Sencha held a series of technical briefings in London, Paris and Munich. We were very excited to meet our European customers and hear their feedback about the latest releases of Sencha products. We talked about new open tooling based on npm, features and components introduced into Ext JS 6.5.3 and Ext JS 6.6, and how to integrate Froala, the new WYSIWYG editor (now part of the Idera family), into a Ext JS application. We also presented our new tool currently under development: our Ext JS Upgrade Advisor – aimed at simplifying upgrades to another Ext JS version by providing guidance on what needs converting. Of course, we shared some inside information regarding our future plans included in the Sencha Roadmap.

London, England, UK

Nadege Vallois and Marc Gusmano presenting in London

Our customers in London were particularly interested in future developments relating to the Grid Component in the Modern Toolkit, and a way to handle overrides using our new Ext JS Upgrade Advisor.

Paul Anderson from Trading Apps presenting in London

Paul Anderson from Trading Apps shared with attendees his experiences extending the Ext JSGrid component, enhancing the layout system and using WebSockets to organize communications between grids running into separate browser windows. It was really impressive! He also suggested we could organise a monthly online meeting for Sencha customers, engineers and MVPs to discuss interesting use cases, help each other with issues, provide feedback and suggestions and ask questions. Attendees in Paris and Munich also seem interested in taking part in such events.

Paris, France

In Paris we had a beautiful authentic venue in the city center.

Olga Petrova and nice view from the venue in Paris

In Paris we talked about Sencha Architect and how it increases the developer’s productivity. Oussama Akir, our French Sencha MVP, did an amazing talk illustrating how to build a fully functional enterprise application using Sencha Architect in 30 minutes. Marc Gusmano and I do not speak French, but nevertheless we both were stunned by his dynamic talk. The whole team thought it would be an interesting topic for one of the next Sencha’s webinars.

Oussama Akir presenting in Paris

We also got questions about using the new, under development Ext JS Upgrade Advisor to upgrade an Ext JS 3.4 application, inserting charts, visualizations created using Sencha components into Froala HTML Editor and further improvements planned for Sencha Test.

Munich, Germany

In Munich we had a cosy and modern venue and lively discussions about future of the Classic Toolkit, enhancing npm based tooling, bug fix releases, as well as application performance optimization techniques. We got questions about Typescript library for Ext JS, advantages of Froala HTML Editor, running Sencha Test inside a Docker container, and adding week numbers to Ext JS Calendar component.

Ellen Fischer and Marc Gusmano presenting in Munich

Tim Riedel from Eyeworkers introduced the Sencha Community Days – an internationally community-driven event including technical sessions, workshops and trainings that will take place in Karlsruhe, Germany on 10-11th of April 2019. We hope to see many of our European customers attending this event.

Tim Riedel from eyeworkers presenting Sencha Community Days in Munich


Given the level of excitement and the number of good ideas from the participants, Sencha is considering adding a monthly online (webinar) meeting to our calendar so that we can continue the discussions and keep the ideas coming. Look for more information about this in January 2019.
Have a very Happy Holiday Season!