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Pitfalls To Avoid When Building Enterprise Applications

February 10, 2023 182 Views

Enterprise applications development can be a goldmine for any business. It can help us to optimize business processes in multiple ways. Developing an enterprise application for customer relationship management might seem an easy task. However, it can mess things up if we don’t know what to avoid when developing enterprise application software.

Suppose we develop a supply chain management enterprise application; it must be specific to its needs. This is how an enterprise application can help us in the organization’s effective functioning and resource planning. Let’s check out what enterprise software is and what to avoid for successful enterprise application development.

Businessmen having discussion on enterprise applications development

What Is An Enterprise Application?

Enterprise applications are developed for large enterprises and organizations for business process management. Simply put, it is not something that is developed for individuals.

These applications help business partners to carry out business operations effectively. These operations include human resource management, accounting or billing, marketing, sales, and data analytics.

Man explaining that an enterprise software improves supply chain visibility to a colleague

What Is The Importance Of Enterprise applications?

The importance of an enterprise application is clear from the fact that it acts as a backbone for any business. The success of core business processes depends on enterprise applications to manage the relevant data. Some examples are human resources, inventory management, and internal and external threats management through computer systems.

Some points are given below to highlight the importance of enterprise applications for business functions.

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Enterprise Applications Boost Organizational Effectiveness

It helps us simplify customer data management, and hence, the workload of employees is reduced. As a result, it will also reduce the efforts and time required to complete daily tasks.

Moreover, it helps the workers to focus more on other business processes, such as business intelligence and customer relationship management CRM.

Scale Resources

It also helps to scale the business resources as they grow with time. Moreover, we can also scale down the operations according to our organization’s needs.

A perfect enterprise application software automatically adjusts our needs. Consequently, it will help us in better budget and resource management.

Girl finding that an enterprise application can also enhance critical data security

Increase Customer Satisfaction

When we integrate computer systems software in an organization, it also helps in increasing customer satisfaction. When all the customer data is placed in a single data storage location, it can give us a better customer understanding.

We can easily manage incoming client information. Moreover, we can give them personalized services based on their data.

Increase Labor Productivity

An enterprise application integration into an organization increases labor productivity through the automation of routine tasks. Cloud computing is one example of this case.

We can also get insights into our business processes through enterprise application software. Hence, we can make more informed decisions for our businesses that also increase ROI.

business insights on an enterprise application increases customer value

What Pitfalls Should Developers Avoid When Developing Enterprise Applications with Sencha Ext JS?

We must know the fact that building the right business-oriented tools is not difficult when we take proper measures. It is recommended to use Sencha Ext JS for such software building. Although Sencha Ext JS is a little costly, it can save us long-term costs. For example, it saves time, gives security, and higher performance.

Here are some pitfalls that developers must avoid to build a perfect enterprise application software with Sencha Ext JS.

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Neglecting Performance Optimization

Performance optimization is critical for large enterprise applications. If your application is slow and unresponsive, users will likely become frustrated and switch to another solution. To ensure optimal performance, consider using Sencha Cmd, which helps optimize and streamline development.

Not Utilizing Sencha Cmd

Sencha Cmd is a powerful tool that can help optimize and streamline development. By automating common tasks, Sencha Cmd can significantly speed up the development process and help ensure the success of your application.

Business application with cloud technology shown on display

Poor Application Architecture

A well-architected application can make maintenance and scaling easier. By following best practices for application architecture, you can ensure that your code is easy to maintain and scalable as your application grows.

Neglecting Cross-Browser Compatibility

Enterprise applications need to work on multiple browsers, including Internet Explorer. Neglecting cross-browser compatibility can result in issues for some users and hinder the success of your application.

pexels enterprise application is a cloud platform

Insufficient Testing

Enterprise applications need to be thoroughly tested to ensure reliability and stability. Moreover, neglecting testing can result in bugs and stability issues that damage your application’s reputation and user trust.

Not Taking Advantage of the Extensive Ext JS Library

The Ext JS library offers many features that can help build enterprise applications. Moreover, neglecting to use these features can result in reinventing the wheel and wasting time. By taking advantage of the Ext JS library, you can save time and effort and build a better application.

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Final Thoughts

We must realize the fact that the pitfalls given above can lead to the loss of an organization. Moreover, it can result in embarrassment that can also cause loss the potential customers.

Apart from that, there are also huge chances of creating a bad brand image. The developers must consider all those pitfalls and take measures to avoid them.

Moreover, choosing the right framework for building effective enterprise application software is important. There exist multiple options and development tools in the market.

We must choose a reliable tool to access data effectively and manage customer services. Sencha Ext JS makes the development process simpler and more effective. Any developer can rely on its performance.

Sencha Ext JS


What Is Enterprise Application With Example?

Enterprise application software helps us to carry out business processes. For example, it records customer transactions in financial enterprise software.

What Are Considered Enterprise Applications?

We can use them to integrate computer systems that are helpful in running all operations of an enterprise.

What Are Three Major Enterprise Applications?

Customer relationship management, Supply chain management, and enterprise systems are three major enterprise applications.

Is Excel an Enterprise Application?

No. It is not an enterprise application.

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