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5 Best Tools To Create HTML5 Grid Tables

July 19, 2022 247 Views

If you have worked on developing web applications, you might have come across the need to display data in a table format. HTML5 grid tables come in handy when presenting large amounts of data in a clean and accessible manner. They organize data in rows and columns and allow end-users to perform various actions on that data, such as sorting, filtering, in-cell editing, and data exporting. In this post, let’s go through five popular tools for creating a fascinating HTML5 grid table. You can review and compare their features and pricing options to pick the best for your needs.


Why Sencha Ext JS Is The Best Solution For An HTML5 Grid Table?

Best tools for creating an HTML5 grid table


Do you want a robust grid that can manage millions of records and process data extremely fast? Then, Sencha Ext JS should be the tool you are looking for. The Sencha Grid component enables developers to visualize any amount of data effectively using HTML5 grid tables.

Sencha grid offers a wide range of features, from basic features like editing, grouping, filtering, and data locking to more advanced features like drag and drop, drill down, live data streaming, and customized themes and layouts. Developers can retrieve and display data in local or remote sources via AJAX, Restful, and JSON methods.

Sencha offers demos of their main grid features to users. Moreover, they provide a  30-day free trial for users to try out Sencha grids.

Main Features of Sencha

  • The ability to handle a massive amount of data.
  • Sophisticated features that make data management much easier ( ex: filtering, grouping, pagination and infinite scrolling, and live data streaming).
  • High customizability.
  • The ability to export data in CSV, HTML, XLS, and PDF formats.
  • Compatibility with various browsers and web, mobile, and desktop platforms.

Sencha mainly comes with two pricing options called perpetual license and annual subscription. Both options have three editions called community, enterprise, and professional. You can clear any doubts about these packages by referring to their FAQ page or submitting an inquiry.


Why Is w2ui Suitable To Create An HTML5 Grid Table?

w2ui is a modern JavaScript UI library dependent on the main jQuery library. It basically utilizes HTML5 and CSS3 for front-end development. Apart from grid tables, this library contains all the other popular UI widgets such as layouts, tabs, sidebars, pop-ups, and forms. Therefore, W2ui is an integrated solution for all your front-end development needs. This library clearly separates the app data and the logic with a declarative syntax that is easy to reuse.

This library is lightweight and faster than many other grid libraries on the market. The complete library has a minified size of only 69KB leading to significantly faster loading and execution times. w2ui is compatible with all modern browsers. Furthermore, this library is free to download and use.

Main Features of w2ui

  • Comes with a rich feature set, including resizable columns, frozen columns, infinite scroll, reordering, infinite scrolling, etc.
  • Lightweight library with a small footprint.
  • The ability to create your own color schemes.


How Successful Is jQuery Grid For Creating HTML Tables?

jQuery grid is a supportive plugin for the major jQuery library. Thus, it is compatible with many browsers. This plugin allows displaying tabular data on web pages. It supports all the primary grid features such as data editing, filtering, sorting, and pagination.

jQuery grid supports AJAX and dynamically loads data to the grids on the client-side via AJAX calls. This plugin can be used with a wide range of applications built with various backend technologies like PHP,, Java, Perl, and Cold Fusion.

Main Features of jQuery Grid

  • Compatibility with various browsers and devices.
  • Easily customizable with built-in themes.
  • Compliance with web standards.
  • Flexible pagination on the client and server-side for navigating through data.
  • User-friendly JavaScript API.
  • Supports localization with the ability to add custom locates easily.

How Good Is Grid.js For Creating An HTML5 Grid Table?

Grid.js is a free and open-source TypeScript-based JavaScript library for creating rich HTML5 grid tables. You can easily integrate it into your apps and style it as you prefer. Grid.js can be used with plain JavaScript, as well as various JavaScript frameworks such as Angular, React, and Vue.js. Furthermore, it supports all the modern web browsers.

This tool supports all primary grid features, such as searching, filtering, sorting, data binding, cell formatting, and pagination. Grid.js consists of an internal pipeline that manages data processing and caching. It helps load data quickly and performs various operations, such as data sorting, filtering, and searching extremely quickly.

Main Features of Grid.js

  • Easy to integrate and use.
  • Small size. This library is only 12KB, including all the plugins.
  • The ability to easily enhance and extend the internal pipeline.
  • Fast data rendering and processing.
  • Support for custom styling with CSS.
  • Support for React Native.

Can SlickGrid Be Used To Create Grid Tables?

SlickGrid is an open-source JS library based on jQuery and jQuery UI. It offers many features to create advanced data grids with custom data controls.

An outstanding feature of SlickGrid is its dynamic loading engine that dynamically loads data as you scroll by detecting scroll. It leads to improved performance of the data grid since all the data is not loaded at once.

SlickGrid retrieves data from external data sources. Thus, it needs to be compatible with various data-centric frameworks.

Main Features of SlickGrid

  • Virtual scrolling.
  • Support for jQuery UI themes.
  • Blazing fast data rendering.
  • High customizability.
  • Less configuration.
  • Support for keyboard navigation.
  • “Global Editor Lock” mechanism to handle concurrent edits of the same data.

Integrating a user-friendly, efficient and responsive data grid table into your web app can be a tedious task. You will have to write a lot of code to get the required functionality and styling to build such a grid table from scratch. However, if you use the correct tools, it will be just a matter of minutes, as they offer all the required features out-of-the-box.

Why Does Sencha Stand Out From The Other Tools For Creating An HTML5 Grid Table?

Sencha is obviously an excellent app development platform with over 140+ UI components. You can use its Grid component to visualize enormous amounts of data in an appealing manner. Sencha grid performs higher than other grid table tools, leading to increased usability of the grids. Furthermore, Sencha Grid has incredible functionality with data binding, drag and drop, customizable fields, special formatting, and embeddable widgets, beating all the other tools.

Sencha grids are also easier to implement and access with minimum code compared to other grid tables. You can even instantiate a grid using an already existing HTML table, or instantiate via JavaScript.

Sencha has a high reputation for building amazing UI components for more than a decade now, which is especially notable with their Grid component. That’s why Fortune 100 companies have also trusted Sencha Grid for managing their data.

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