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Upscale Images Via Machine Learning With Javascript Super Resolution API

May 20, 2021 337 Views

Images are everywhere. Whether on the internet, our phones, or even in our day-to-day lives, most people amass huge volumes of data in the form of digital images of varying quality. Any library of digital images, personal or public, is likely to contain low-quality or blurry images.

Unfortunately, however, these can problematic to view or, or worse, to analyze. In particularly bad cases, you need to zoom to better see or analyze parts of an image, but even then the image may lack the detail or resolution to do this effectively.  For this reason, having an automated and intelligent tool that can upscale and create high-quality, high-resolution images is remarkably useful.

Enter DeepAI’s Super Resolution API. It uses machine learning (ML) and AI techniques to upscale images into higher resolutions without compromising their quality or losing their content. DeepAI’s Super Resolution AI can generate an upscaled version of an image within seconds.

If this sounds useful, let’s take a look at how you can quickly build a Sencha Ext JS app (arguably the best js framework) that upscales any image you input by calling the DeepAI Super Resolution API. Once we are done, your final app will look like this:

What is the DeepAI Super Resolution API?

To understand the DeepAI Super Resolution API, once you have your prerequisites installed type the following at the command prompt:

curl \
-F 'image=' \
-H 'api-key:quickstart-QUdJIGlzIGNvbWluZy4uLi4K' \

This command accepts the URL of an input image and submits an API key to generate a new version of the image with a higher resolution and better quality. If you get it right, the response from the API looks like this:

   "id": "025c64f7-a610-4ee5-aa33-b215d703c595",
   "output_url": ""

As you can see, it returns a response that is a JSON object with the URL of the upscaled image.

Better yet, not only is the input image enlarged 4 times, it has also has improved in quality.

One thing you need to be aware of though, is that with DeepAI APIs, you only get a quick start API key with a set number of queries. Once your trial expires, you have to get your own API key.

How can I upscaling images using AI in Javascript?

If you think this is useful, here are 4 easy steps that you can follow to build your own application in a matter of minutes.

Step 1: Create an Ext JS Minimal Desktop Application

To develop an app to upscale any image you input, first create a blank minimal desktop application in EXT JS. If you are new to Sencha’s Ext JS framework, you can follow this tutorial to create a minimal desktop application from the command prompt. I have chosen to create all my files in a folder called super-res and I call the app superRes.

Step 2: Include the DeepAI Package

To include the DeepAI package, open the index.html file located in the main directory and add the following line anywhere in the header of the HTML:

<script src=""></script>

Step 3: Create the Main View

In the main view, we have the following:

  • A text field for the URL of the input image
  • An area to display the input image
  • A button labelled ‘Upscale Image’
  • A text field to display the URL of the output upscaled image
  • An area to display the output image

To get started, open the mainView.js file and replace its contents with the following code. Make sure to replace superRes with the name of your app if you plan to change the name.

Ext.define('superRes.view.main.MainView', {

  extend: 'Ext.Container',

  xtype: 'mainview',

  controller: 'mainviewcontroller',

  viewModel: {

    type: 'mainviewmodel'


  items: [


      xtype: 'component',

      html: '<h1>Sencha Ext JS Super Resolution Images App Using</h1>'



      xtype: 'textfield',

      label: 'Enter Source Image URL',

      value: '',

      reference: 'srcImgUrl'



      xtype: 'image',

      title: 'Source Image',

      reference: 'srcImg',

      width: 100,

      height: 100,



      xtype: 'button',

      text: 'Upscale Image',

      handler: 'onUpscaleImg'



      xtype: 'textfield',

      label: 'Output Image URL',

      reference: 'outputUrl',

      readOnly: 'true'



      xtype: 'image',

      label: 'Output Image',

      reference: 'outputImg',

      width: 400,

      height: 400,



   defaults: {

      flex: 3,

      margin: 10



Step 4: Add the Controller

Once you are done there, the next step is to add an action to the ‘Upscale Image’ button when click it. The handler for the button click goes into the main controller. Open the MainViewController.js file and replace its contents with the following code:

Ext.define('superRes.view.main.MainViewController', {

  extend: '',

  alias: 'controller.mainviewcontroller',

  onUpscaleImg: function (button) {

    srcImgUrl = this.lookupReference('srcImgUrl').getValue();

    //clear the output url and image

    this.lookupReference('outputUrl').setValue(" ");


    //display the input image


  //call the super resolution API



  callSuperResolutionAPI: async function (srcImgUrl) {


  //replace with your API key


//call the super resolution API

var resp = await deepai.callStandardApi("torch-srgan", {

            image: srcImgUrl,



    outputUrl = resp.output_url;




catch(err) {alert(err);}



Important: Make sure you replace the quick start API key with your own key.

The main job of calling the DeepAI API is done by the callSuperResolutionAPI() function, which we implement as an async function. This function calls the REST API and displays the URL of the output image as well as the upscaled image itself.

Where can I get AI API source code to upscale images in Javascript?

That’s it! It really is that easy. You have built an entire image upscaling app in a matter of minutes. This is all made possible by the Sencha Ext JS framework which accelerates development and allows you to create awesome image processing and computer vision apps.

To try it out, download the entire source code and get started in Ext JS.

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