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Why Do You Need A JS Test Framework?

July 21, 2022 341 Views

The JavaScript testing framework enables you to significantly boost your development workflow. It increases your team’s speed and efficiency. Also, it improves test accuracy. Besides, the JS test framework reduces test maintenance costs. It can be a life saver for projects with a low budget range. There are plenty of frameworks available online. But which is the best option? Can it help you efficiently test applications? Do you really need a JS test framework? In this post, you will find all the details.

What is a JS test framework?

The JS test framework is a tool for examining the functionality of JavaScript web applications. It helps to ensure all the components are working properly. It also enables you to easily identify bugs. Therefore, you can quickly take the necessary steps to fix issues.

Why do I need a JS test framework?

  • Greater efficiency: Manually testing large web applications can take a huge amount of time. You don’t want to get involved in such a tiresome process. By using a JS test framework, you can quickly get the job done by automating the process. It enables you to continuously test and validate newly developed features. It reduces the feedback and testing cycle. As a result, you can deliver the application in significantly less time.
  • Improve accuracy: It’s quite usual for testers to make mistakes during monotonous manual testing. Therefore, you will not get accurate results. However, you can solve the issue by utilizing a JS test framework. It produces the same result every time you run it. Therefore, it can execute tests with 100-percent accuracy.
  • Reduced costs: JS test framework helps you get the job done with fewer resources. Therefore, you don’t have to spend extra money. It enables you to significantly reduce the costs. If you have a tight budget, it can be very helpful for you.

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What is the best JS test framework?

The best JavaScript test framework is Sencha Test. It offers the most comprehensive solution for examining Ext JS apps. It allows you to create robust unit and end-to-end tests. As a result, you can deliver quality apps. Apart from Ext JS, it supports end-to-end testing of React apps. Overall, it is a versatile JavaScript testing framework.

Why is Sencha Test the best solution for testing JavaScript apps?

  • Enables you to auto-grab events while interacting with the app under test
  • Provides comprehensive test results from automated and manual test runs
  • Supports Istanbul integration for fixing code coverage gaps
  • Allows you to execute code in any browser, local machine, or browser farm
  • Enables you to use external Node modules to expand the scope of testing

Does it support automated test runs?

Sencha Test comes with a Command Line Interface (CLI). It helps you achieve the full power of automated test runs. Once tests are authored and checked into the source control repository, you can launch them from your Continuous Integration (CI) system. The CI system can automatically invoke the CLI once it detects a change to the application code or the test files.

Does it allow me to schedule automated test runs?

Sencha Test features Test Runner. You can use it to run selected unit and functional tests on any browser on the local machine. Also, you can use it for debugging code. The Sencha Test Command Line Interface (CLI) uses the Selenium grid to run the same tests on a Continuous Integration (CI) system. It allows you to schedule automated test runs at your preferred time. For example, you can schedule the test runs at night. It will enable your developers to conveniently start working on the app in the morning.

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Does it enable me to effectively track user actions?

Sencha’s JS test framework comes with the Event Recorder. It allows you to easily track different user actions. For example, it helps you quickly detect the action type, like a tap, type, or click. Also, you can identify where it was performed, like a button or form field. The Event Recorder is very easy to use. You can find the details in the documentation.

Does it help me efficiently perform end-to-end testing?

End-to-end testing allows you to launch and examine the entire app from an end user’s perspective. It involves simulating the real user scenario and validating the system components for data integrity. With the Sencha Test, you can easily perform end-to-end testing. You just need to follow these steps:

1. First, launch Sencha Studio. Select Test Engineer and click on the Continue button.

Click On The Continue Button

2. Click on the New Project button.

Sencha Test JS Test Framework - Click On The New Project Button

3. Enter the name, path, and URL. Click on the OK button.

Sencha Test JS Test Framework - Click On The OK Button

4. Next, you have to create a scenario for the test. Click on New Scenario.

Sencha Test End-to-End Testing - Click On New Scenario

5. Enter the name of the scenario. Choose the directory and insert the URL. Then click on Save.

Then Click On Save

6. Now, go to New Test Suite > Jasmine Test Suite.

Now, Go To New Test Suite Jasmine Test Suite

7. Enter the new file name and click the OK button. It will create a new Jasmine test suite file.

Sencha Test JS Test Framework - Enter The New File Name And Click The OK Button

8. Now, you can begin writing your tests. You can leverage the Event Recorder to capture a set of actions for insertion into your test suite.

Sencha Test JS Test Framework - You Can Leverage The Event Recorder To Capture A Set Of Actions For Insertion Into Your Test Suite

That’s how you use Sencha’s JS test framework to perform end-to-end testing.

How can I perform unit testing with Sencha Test?

Should I use Sencha Test in 2022?

Sencha Test offers the most comprehensive testing solution. It brings together the best open-source testing libraries, including Jasmine, WebDriver, and Istanbul. It adds the missing pieces and integrates everything into one comprehensive solution. Also, Sencha Test is very easy to use. It supports both GUI and command lines. On top of that, it comes with comprehensive documentation. Overall, Sencha Test is the best JS test framework in 2022. Therefore, you should definitely consider using it.

Sencha Test enables you to create robust unit and end-to-end tests. By using it, you can deliver quality apps. Try it now for free.