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7 Best JS UI Widgets For Enterprise Web Apps

August 18, 2022 1009 Views

In today’s world, businesses need to create engaging content to boost conversions. One way to do this is to add interactive elements to your web app. Interactive elements are those elements on your web app or website that users can interact with, such as animations, buttons, and videos. This is where you need JS or JavaScript, which allows you to make your web apps interactive. However, enterprise web apps require lots of interactive elements like data visualizations, buttons, grids and tables, and more. Creating all these elements from scratch can be time-consuming. That’s why web developers around the world now use JS UI widgets. UI widgets are ready-to-use web elements that come with pre-written code to enable faster web development.

In this article, we’ll show you some of the best JS UI widget tools that you can use to create modern enterprise web apps quickly.

What Are Some Of The Best JS UI Widgets For Enterprise Web Apps?

Sencha JS UI Widgets


Sencha is one of the best UI widgets libraries that offers all the UI widgets you need for modern web apps. From beginners to experts, thousands of developers worldwide use Sencha to speed up web app development.

Here are the main features of Sencha that make it the JS framework:

High-Performance JS Grid

Sencha Ext JS offers one of the faster JS grids to create data-intensive enterprise web apps. With Sencha, you can create basic grids, grouped grids, XML grids, infinite grids, and locking grids. It also allows you to edit rows and cells, sort grids by ascending or descending order, and more. These high-performance grids can process data quickly and are perfect for big data.

React Grid

If you’re creating an enterprise-grade React web app, Sencha also offers a special React grid called GRUI grid. It comes with 100+ React data grid features that are pre-tested on different platforms and browsers. It supports filtering, grouping, infinite scrolling, virtual columns, and much more. With virtual columns, you can configure as many columns as you want, but the grid will only render the visible ones. GRUI also offers complete customization control of styling and theming.

Sencha JS UI Grid Widgets

Several Pre-built JS UI Widgets

Sencha ExtJS comes with more than 140 high-performance JS UI widgets or components. These include:

  • Buttons
  • Trees
  • Calendar
  • Menus
  • Forms
  • Charts and graphs
  • D3 visualizations
  • Tabs
  • And more

Layouts For JS UI Widgets

Sencha Ext JS comes with several layout options that help with the proper sizing and positioning of all components.

Sencha JS UI widgets


With Sencha’s exporter, you can export all your data from pivot grid or standard grid to different file formats. These include XSLX, Excel, XML, CSV, and more.

DevExtreme – Suite of JS UI Widgets


DevExtreme is a suite of high-performance UI components designed specifically for enterprise-grade apps. It supports both web development and JavaScript mobile app development.

Here are the key features of DevExtreme:

  • Variety of JS UI Widgets: DevExtreme offers more than 50 touch-optimized UI components. These include buttons, charts, calendar, menu, progress bars, popups, and more.
  • Grids: DevExtreme lets you create data-intensive enterprise apps with grids JS UI widgets. It offers fast data grids and high-performance pivot grids for multi-dimensional data analysis.
  • Data Visualizations: DevExtreme offers a wide range of charts and graphs to create beautiful and informative business dashboards.
  • Configurable JS UI Widgets: DevExtreme allows you to configure the UI widgets using Typescript.
  • Customizable Themes: DevExtreme comes with a variety of pre-built themes. You can also customize the themes the way you want using its ThemeBuilder tool.
  • Supports Different Frameworks: DevExtreme supports many modern development frameworks, including React, Angular, and Vue.


Webix JS UI Widgets Library

Webix is another powerful JS UI library that offers a wide range of UI widgets for creating cross-platform web apps.

Here are the key features of Webix:

  • Efficient JS UI Widgets: Webix offers several enterprise-grade customizable UI widgets, including carousel, dashboard, popups, menu, sidebar, hint, and more.
  • Data Visualization Widgets: Webix supports a wide range of charts and graphs that you can instantly use in your enterprise web apps. It also allows you to create different types of enterprise-level diagrams.
  • Complex JS UI Widgets: When you want to add extra functionality to your enterprise web apps, you can use Webix complex widgets. These include Kanban, file manager, and more.
  • Styling Changes: You can also make styling changes to Webix JS widgets or their elements using standard CSS.
  • UI Designer: Webix also comes with a UI designer that you can use to make interface prototypes.



Next on the list of best JS UI widgets is DHTMLX Suite. It is essentially a JavaScript UI widget library for creating high-performance enterprise web apps.

Here are the key features of the DHTMLX Suite:

  • Enterprise-Grade JS UI Widgets: DHTMLX Suite has all the UI widgets you need for developing a modern enterprise web app. For example, you can quickly add data grids, charts, calendars, forms, and popups to your apps.
  • Blazing-Fast: DHTMLX Suite is lightweight, and it can efficiently process large data sets without compromising performance. This makes it perfect for ERP, CRM, and other such apps that involve large amounts of data.
  • Supports Multiple Development Frameworks: DHTMLX Suite supports React, Angular, and Vue.
  • Advanced Features: DHTMLX Suite offers several advanced features, such as keyboard navigation, inline editing of data, XML processing, and dynamic loading.

Ignite UI

Ignite UI

Ignite UI by Infragistics lets you develop functional web apps with beautiful UI faster.

Here are the main features of Ignite UI:

  • 120+ JS UI Widgets: Ignite UI comes with a complete set of JS UI widgets, including charts and grids. The charts and grids come with a responsive design and are optimized for different layout options.
  • Supports Wide Range of Frameworks: Ignite UI supports Angular, React, jQuery UI widgets, ASP.NET, and more.
  • Advanced UI controls: Ignite UI offers high-performance UI controls, such as spreadsheet, DockManager, Excel library, and more.
  • Data Visualizations: You can use Ignite UI to create any type of interactive chart and dashboard. It supports more than 65 different charts and graphs.


Wijmo JS UI Widgets library

Wijmo by GrapeCity is another powerful JS user interface widgets library for developing modern business apps.

Here are the main features of Wijmo:

  • Powerful Data Grid: Wijmo supports FlexGrid, which is a powerful JS data grid by GrapeCity. FlexGrid is like Excel. It supports customizable cells, data binding, filtering, custom sorting, and much more.
  • Easy-to-use API: Wijmo JS UI widgets library comes with a flexible API. The API has extensive documentation that consists of all the information about different controls, modules, and events in detail.
  • Configurable UI Components: Wijmo allows you to configure UI components without any extra coding. You can use Wijmo design tools to configure the UI components.
  • Several JS Frameworks Integrations: Wijmo supports React, Angular, AngularJS, Ionic, Vue, and Web Components.


Evergreen React Components Library

Evergreen by Segment is an easy-to-use React UI framework that offers a variety of React Widgets for React web apps.

Here are the main features of Evergreen:

  • Extensive Range of UI Widgets: Evergreen comes with a complete set of React UI Widgets. These include basic layouts, icons, typography, toggles, feedback indicators, file uploads, dropdowns, and more.
  • Composable: All the components of Evergreen are built on top of a React UI Primitive. This means all the components can work together seamlessly.
  • Enterprise-Grade: Evergreen’s components are specially designed for enterprise-grade web apps.

Ready to create high-performance JS apps quickly? Try the best JS UI Widgets library today and see how it speeds up your development process!