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10 Best Ext JS UI Components For Front-End Developers

February 24, 2023 274 Views

Hey there, fellow developers! As a front-end developer, I know how important it is to have a solid foundation of UI components. I’m excited to share my top picks for the 10 Best Ext JS UI Components for Front-End Developers. Ext JS is a robust framework that provides comprehensive tools for building complex web applications. Let’s learn about what are UI components in Ext JS. 

With its vast collection of UI components, Ext JS allows you to create beautiful, responsive, and dynamic user interfaces quickly and easily. In this blog post, I’ll walk you through my top picks for Ext JS UI components to help you take your web development projects to the next level. Moreover, you will learn about what are UI components’ benefits. So, let’s dive in and explore what Ext JS offers!

developers discussing about ui components & user interface elements

What Are UI Components?

As a front-end developer, I often work with user interfaces, or UI, and their components. In simple terms, UI components are pre-built modules or elements that make up an interface, such as buttons, menus, input fields, and sliders.

They allow developers to create consistent, functional, and visually appealing interfaces quickly and easily by leveraging existing code rather than building everything from scratch. Using UI components, developers can focus on creating unique application features while saving time and effort.

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Why Should You Use the UI Components?

Using UI components in your development process can bring several benefits to your project.

First, UI components provide a consistent design and functionality across your application, ensuring a seamless user experience. This can be especially helpful in large-scale projects where consistency can become challenging.

Second, UI components can save time and effort in the development process. Rather than building each element from scratch, developers can use pre-built components and focus on implementing unique features to the application.

Finally, these are often customizable, allowing developers to tailor them to their needs while benefiting from the pre-built foundation. Using these components can streamline development and produce a more efficient and practical application.

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What Are Some Best Ext JS UI Components?

Here are some best Ext JS UI tools for front-end developers:

Grid Panel Component

If you’re looking for a powerful and versatile tool for displaying large amounts of data in a user-friendly way, the Ext JS Grid Panel Component is a must-have. With its ability to sort, filter, and paginate data, the Grid Panel Component provides a seamless and efficient user experience. Moreover, it is perfect for data-driven dashboards, e-commerce websites, and more.

common ui elements by Ext JS

Form Panel Component

The Ext JS Form Panel Component is a powerful tool for creating forms with various input types, including text fields, checkboxes, radio buttons, and more. With its customizable layout and extensive styling options, the Form Panel Component can be tailored to fit the needs of any project. Moreover, these features make it an essential component for any front-end developer.

Tree Panel Component

The Ext JS Tree Panel Component is a powerful tool for creating hierarchical data structures, such as file systems or organizational charts. It has the ability to expand and collapse nodes. The Tree Panel Component provides a user-friendly interface for navigating complex data sets.

Whether you’re building an e-commerce site, or a knowledge management system, the Tree Panel Component can help you. Moreover, it can help us create an intuitive and efficient user experience.

Tree panel component as a ui element by Ext JS

Tab Panel Component

If you’re looking for a versatile and customizable tool for organizing content and navigation on your website or application, the Ext JS Tab Panel Component is a great option. It has the ability to display multiple tabs with different content. The Tab Panel Component provides a clean and organized user experience. Moreover, it is perfect for complex applications and websites.

Chart Component

If you want to display data in an interactive and visually appealing way, the Ext JS Chart Component is the perfect tool. It has got the ability to create a wide range of charts and graphs, including bar charts, line charts, and pie charts. Moreover, the Chart Component provides a powerful tool for displaying complex data sets clearly and concisely.

Chart component

DataView Component

Ext JS DataView Component is an advanced component for displaying data or image lists. It can help us display data in various formats, including lists, grids, and carousels. Moreover, the DataView Component provides a versatile and user-friendly interface for browsing and selecting content.

Toolbar Component

The Ext JS Toolbar Component is an excellent choice for a flexible and customizable tool for organizing buttons. With its ability to display buttons, menus, and other items in a horizontal or vertical bar, the Toolbar Component provides users with a clean and organized interface.

Toolbar component by Sencha

Menu Component

If you want to create a user-friendly and intuitive interface for navigating your application or website, the Ext JS Menu Component is the right choice. Moreover, it can help us display proceeding pages’ dropdown menus, context menus, and more. The Menu Component provides a seamless and efficient user experience. Finally, it is perfect for complex applications and websites.

Combo Box Component

If you need a tool for selecting data from a list or database, the Ext JS Combo Box Component is a great option. Additionally, the Combo Box Component provides a user-friendly and efficient interface for selecting data. Finally, It’s perfect for forms, data entry, and more.

Here is a view of Ext JS search field or drop down list for a UI designer

Window Component

The Ext JS Window Component is an excellent, versatile, customizable tool. It can help us display content or prompts on your website or application. Moreover, it has the ability to create resizable, draggable, and modal windows. Finally, The Window Component provides a flexible and user-friendly interface for your users.

Window navigational components by Sencha


Ext JS offers many powerful and flexible components to help front-end developers create rich, interactive user interfaces. Moreover, these components, from Grid Panels to Combo Boxes, provide a versatile set of tools for displaying, organizing, and interacting with data and content.

By leveraging these components, developers can save time and effort in building their interfaces while providing a seamless and efficient user experience. Whether building a complex application or a simple website, the Ext JS UI components can help you quickly achieve your design goals. So, see how they can enhance your development workflow!

Sencha Ext JS can help us achieve beautiful message boxes, input controls, search fields and allow intuitive customization


What are UI Components?

UI components are pre-built building blocks used to create the visual interface of a website.

How Many UI Components are There?

Giving an exact number of UI components is difficult since many libraries, frameworks, and design systems offer unique features.

What are UI and UX Components?

UI and UX components are building blocks to create a software application or website’s visual interface.

What are the Five Vital Elements of UI Design?

The five vital elements of UI (User Interface) design are:

  • Layout
  • Color
  • Typography
  • Imagery
  • Interaction

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