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How To Use Test Management Tools To Develop High-quality Ext JS Web Apps

January 31, 2023 220 Views

In this era of technology, we know that hundreds and thousands of software are developed daily. Developers make sure that the software is capable of fulfilling the needs of users. For this purpose, they use test management tools. The test management process helps them to release high-quality and reliable software.

At the same time, most developers underestimate the importance of the right test management tool. We may develop software with all our attention, but it can still develop bugs after we release it. To perform bug tracking at the earlier stage and develop high-quality Ext JS web apps, we have to use the right test management tools. Let’s learn more about it.

test management tools for automated tests or manual testing

What is the Importance of the QA Testing Process for Software Application Development?

The QA testing of a software application development ensures that our product is doing what it is supposed to do. It includes multiple benefits, such as bug prevention, reduction of development costs, and performance improvement. QA testing refers to quality assurance testing that helps to identify and prevent possible issues at the earlier stages.

The importance of QA testing is clear from the fact that a bug found early costs nothing to get fixed. Moreover, it also enhances the security of our software product. High-quality QA testing minimizes the risks of bad user experience and improves the UX. The timely and early detection of defects can help in faster development.

A test engineer is working with testing tools on a laptop

What are the Different Types of QA Testing?

We must know the fact that QA testing is an integral aspect of the software development life cycle. It ensures that the user meets the desired scalability, reliability, availability, security, and quality. The two most common QA testing types are manual and automated. However, when we dive deeper, there are so many types of testing.

The ten most popular types of QA testing are listed below:

  • User acceptance testing
  • Smoke testing
  • System testing
  • Sanity testing
  • Regression testing
  • Performance testing
  • End-to-end testing
  • Integration testing
  • Component testing
  • Unit testing

A QA test engineer is working on many devices


What are Some Best Test Management Tools?

We know that QA testing is highly important, but there is still one thing to know here. This is about choosing the best test management tool. Choosing the right test management tool is an important and sometimes difficult decision. We have to consider some factors while choosing the right test management tool.

The chosen test management software should be able to support all testing methods. It must support integration, fast services, and good scalability. There are multiple tools for test management, such as Testmo, Testpad, TestMonitor, Testuff, TestLink, and TestRail. However, TestRail is a tool most QA testers prefer to test their software application.

test planning for test reports test plans and test creation for a day free trial


TestRail helps us get QA visibility and release reliable, high-quality software. It is a web-based test management solution that helps to organize, track, and manage test cases.

How do Sencha Ext JS Tools Support the Creation of Stunning Apps?

As we know that developers explore different frameworks to develop stunning applications daily. Sencha offers Ext JS tools to develop applications with cross-browser and cross-device compatibility. The interesting thing to note is that it gives us more than 140 UI components. We use JavaScript to create data-intensive applications by using Sencha.

Some enterprise tools by Sencha Ext JS are listed below:

  • Sencha Architect
  • ExtGen
  • Sencha Stencils
  • ExtBuilt
  • Sencha Cmd
  • Inspector
  • Sencha Themer & Sencha Fiddle

Sencha Test

As a matter of fact, Sencha also offers Sencha Test that supports end-to-end and unit testing for Ext JS. At the same time, it also allows end-to-end testing for React Apps.

Can We Use TestRail as the Best Test Management Tool for Ext JS Web Apps to Build High-Quality Web Apps?

Yes. We can use TestRail as the best test management tool for Ext JS web apps. It can help us to build high-quality web apps. We can get the following benefits from the integration of TestRail and Ext JS:

  • Cost Saving,
  • Reducing Rework,
  • Improved Efficiency,
  • Improved Productivity,
  • Time-Saving,
  • Easy Monitoring & Management of Development and Testing, Reports and Metrics, Etc.

Let’s take a look at the process of integration with Sencha.

Precondition: We have to navigate to the TestRail & activate “Enable API” under the sections Administration > Site settings > API.

Then, we must open Sencha WebTestIt and go to the TestRail under preferences. Here, we have to enter a valid URL that will show a green connected sign, as shown in the image below.

test execution for software testing process test automation tool

The next step is to click on import, where we will find our tests, sections, and sub-sections in the form of groups.

create test cases through top test management tools or testing tools

After clicking on import, we also get access to a URL that opens the test cases into our browser.

test assets & test suites in test management system

Here is the additional information.

test automation tools for test runs or test case management tool

We click on export after we execute tests.

continuous integration tools

Final Thoughts

TestRail can help us to save costs and time through easy and simple integration with Sencha. We can develop high-quality applications by testing them at the earlier stages of development. As a result, development teams can get good feedback from the users. Finally, we must choose the right test management tool that must be able to give us all test management features.

best test management software for automated testing , test management tools list


Which is a test management tool?

It helps us to manage tests and improve our applications.

Is Jira a test management tool?

Yes. It is a test management tool.

What are free test management tools?

TestRail is one of the free test management systems.

What are web app examples?

Some examples of web apps are shopping carts, online forms, file scanning, and file conversion.

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