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User Interface Design Examples For User-Friendly Websites

December 16, 2022 4000 Views

There are some raised questions about the user interface design. For example, what does it take to make the best UI design? It is an engaging layout or an impressive color palette? And so many of these types of questions. This article explains some UI components and user interface design examples. It will help us to design a perfect user interface.

A great user interface design archives all the properties described above. An exceptionally great user interface helps us achieve the task and has an enjoyable user experience. Let’s explore some amazing user interface designs to quickly create the best UI components.

user interface design examples

What Are The Best UI Design Examples?

To explain how good a UI design can be, we have listed 16 best UI design examples. So what are you waiting for? Let’s continue reading this UI component guide!

User Interface Design Examples: Sencha Ext JS UI

Sencha Ext JS is the perfect solution when we are looking for code reusability. It helps us to create UI designs quickly and simply. It is a JavaScript-based framework that we can use to build UI components. Whether we build the login forms or a detailed calendar, Sencha is helpful with minimum code usage.

The best part is that it allows easy UI component integration.

 ui designers at Sencha visual hierarchy & user control UI Design example


Dribbble’s Card Design

Dribble uses a card design in which cards serve as an entry point for visitors. It helps the users to learn more details about a feature or a product. The cards take the form of a small rectangular module. This module is filled with texts and images. The myriad of innovative and creative projects are displayed using Dribble’s cards.

It gives us an aesthetically pleasing and colorful overview of the interface. The card-based design is made to catch the user’s attention which is quite ingenious approach.

favorite ui design examples or user interface ui design


User Interface Design Examples: Mailchimp’s Usability

Mailchimp has just created its fresh website that makes straightforward ad stress-free newsletter management. We must know that Mailchimp has recently redesigned its website. Therefore, the web UI is flat and clean. However, it is primarily typographical while featuring visually pleasing guides for new users. The guides are also quite helpful for new users.

A subtly animated pointer has also been added by Mailchimp that indicates where to click. So what’s not to love in this amazing design?

ui elements invites users UI Design example


Dropbox’s Responsive Color System

We must know that responsive color systems are popular among multiple brands. Different developers are adopting this system to create an attention-catcher UI design. We can say that it is a growing trend among businesses. Instead of having a single color in the logo, a responsive color system helps to achieve a dynamic color system.

Dropbox’s responsive design helps us to engage users as they navigate the website. Every page consists of unique color schemes.

user hovers file menu UI Design example


Pinterest’s Waterfall Effect

What would be our blog post without an example of the iconic user interface design of Pinterest? Well, the Pinterest waterfall effect combines a water flow design with a card design. It gives an amazing seamless, and uniquely smooth experience. It gives a subtle shade to each card when interacting with the mouse.

We must know that interest has given the elements a “clickability” perception. Moreover, it has also enhanced visibility smartly.

key concepts of web design UI Design example


Hello Monday’s White Space

When designing the best user interface, we always want each element to catch users’ attention. But how is this even possible? Well, don’t worry. Because, Hello Monday’s white space helps us to shine and highlight our elements in the user interface design. We can put a spotlight on the element that makes it shine.

Hello, Monday’s UI surrounds the elements with white space. And this is something that Hello Monday has mastered perfectly.

unnecessary elements in graphic design system for UI Design example


Current App’s Color Palette

The current app is another platform that is created for teenagers with the best user interface design. It is a parent-controlled debit card that promotes good financial decisions. The current APP is a corresponding app that also demystifies financial responsibilities. The unique backgrounds, cool fonts, and bright colors have redefined the stuffy stereotype of finance.

The app promotes a straightforward and simple user interface design. It clearly identifies the budget, tasks, and actions to take.

Rally’s Dynamism

A clean interface has been implemented into the digital studio of Rally that paired animation and interaction. They made a unique website by using a delicate color match. There is a feature called “click the arrows to get more info,” which is the stylish UI design element on the site. They also give us the option of a responsive color palette, just like Dropbox.

All these features together make the website more delightful and enjoyable.

Rally animated graphics entire process UI Design example


Cognito’s Custom Animation

Cognito’s custom animation has given us an example of a friendly and inviting user environment. This has made Cognito’s website stand out among its competitors. It shows a fun illustration that gives mobile apps or websites a unique personality. This is how we make them more memorable. The best part is that it also comes with complex motions.

The dynamism of Cognito’s website not only catches users’ attention but also illustrates the company.

Cognito UI Design example


Spotify’s Color Gradients

As mentioned earlier, colorful user interfaces are more attention-catchers than those with single colors. Just like that, Spotify’s color gradients are also trending among developers. People are focusing more on gradient colors than simple and flat colors. Color gradients are helpful when we want to highlight elements or deliver some kind of emotion.

Spotify demonstrates effective use of color gradients while boasting a large music collection. This is what makes the app even more fun to use.

Toggl’s Product Onboarding

Toggl’s product onboarding makes learning about the product easier for new users. They find it easy to get a rich user experience and learn new things. It consists of a modal window that reminds users how to get back to the onboarding. The best part is that users can also skip onboarding.

Headspace’s Accessibility Options

Headspace’s UI must be considered when looking for an inclusive design for all users. The accessibility option of Headspace is a great example of this kind of user interface design. Users can adapt options like navigation options, sizing, and readability preferences. Moreover, they can use tools like text modifiers, voice communication, and a virtual keyboard.

It also offers flexibility that enables all users to use the app without complications. We also get control and freedom with a more enjoyable experience.

Figma’s Landing Page

We get animated tooltips when creating a new file in Figma. It gives us concise instructions on different tasks within the app. We need to interact with the pop-ups before they disappear. It signifies that the information is important to know. Moreover, it also increases the likelihood that the users will read it.

The new users or beginners are guided through the tips and a button called “next” with purple color. It eliminates the need to read long copies to use the platform.

Figma UI Design example


Typeform’s Template Gallery

When we click to create a new form, we get a template gallery in Typeform. They are more like time-saving and invaluable resources for beginners. Moreover, it also gives us an example of how a great design should look like. Also, it gives us a solid starting point to work from. All kinds of essential information are put into the template that users can benefit from.

Typeform is designed in such a way that eliminates the learning curves for visitors. The best part is that these templates are great even for expert form builders.

Typeform UI Design example


Asana’s Celebrating User’s Success

When looking for a SaaS product with an excellent UI design, Asana should be the first option. The use of animations in the design is what makes Asana an outstanding user interface. The cutest thing is that a unicorn appears on the screen when we complete a task. It shows the celebration animation.

Asana shows us cute characters when we are working on a stressful task. This is how we get an enjoyable user experience. We don’t require any prior knowledge to use Asana. It is very easy to use.

Asana UI Design example


Buffer’s Upgrade Prompt

In most cases, developers design a user interface that needs an upgrade after a free trial. But most users don’t remember it since there is no reminder for the application’s update. But guess what? Buffer’s upgrade prompt has made it easier to get a reminder. We can see this UI design example where we get an upgrade reminder.

The remainder stays at the top of the screen of the Dashboard. Users can keep this reminder in mind when using a free trial.

Buffer UI Design example


User Interface Design Examples: Final Thoughts

Designing user interfaces becomes interesting when we know our target audience. We can see examples of successful user interface design elements and implement them accordingly. User interfaces also play a huge role in the success of user-friendly websites. Moreover, we can help our users get what they want through an enjoyable interface design.

User Interface Design Examples: FAQs

What Are the 4 Types of User Interfaces?

  • Graphical User Interface (GUI)
  • Command Line Interface (CLI)
  • Menu-Driven User Interface.
  • Touch User Interface.

Is Netflix a User Interface?

Yes. Netflix is also one of the best user interfaces with an amazing user experience.

What Are the Five Key Elements of UI Design?

  1. Color
  2. Language
  3. Imagery
  4. Icon
  5. Typography

What Is the Best Example of UI UX?

Sencha Ext JS UI is one of the best UI UX design examples.

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