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Web Application Development | Choosing the Right Tech Stack

December 30, 2023 247 Views

Have you ever wondered the secret behind the websites and apps you use daily? If the answer is No, Don’t Worry. In this blog, we will guide you on the best modern frameworks for web application development. If you’re building a website, you want it to be awesome, right? That’s where tech stacks come in. It’s like putting together the perfect team of tools. These tools work together to make your website work smoothly and look cool. Choosing the right JavaScript framework holds higher importance.

But here’s the deal: the web world is changing fast. What worked yesterday might not be the best choice today. So, choosing the right tools is also important. However, choosing the right JavaScript framework can also be challenging. It’s not just a tech thing; it’s a smart move that can make or break your project. In this guide, we will help you choose the right tech stack in 2024 for web building. Let’s begin our journey now!

Choosing the right technology stack for web application development process to create the best web app

What Is the Current State of Web Application Development?

Dynamic technological trends mark the current state of web development. It is important to note that web application development has two main parts. Those are:

✔️Frontend Development

✔️Backend Development Process

Frameworks like React and Vue.js dominate front-end development. On the other hand, Node.js and Django excel on the back end. 

Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) enhance user experiences, emphasizing offline capabilities. DevOps practices streamline collaboration and deployment. Evolving user expectations drive advancements. As a result, they are pushing for responsive designs, faster load times, and seamless interactivity. 

The history of web development showcases a shift from static HTML to dynamic scripting languages. During that journey, it achieved milestones like AJAX and the rise of single-page applications. 

Programmers are working on web app development to build web applications through web server and web browsers

What Are the Criteria for Choosing a Tech Stack?

When selecting a tech stack, some important factors are:

✔️Optimizing performance



Balancing these factors ensures a robust foundation for application growth. At the same time, developer-friendliness is an essential consideration. In other words, a stack should empower developers to implement solutions efficiently. 

Active community support contributes to problem-solving and ongoing development. Seamlessly integrating tools and frameworks further enhances a tech stack’s appeal. 

A developer is working on mobile apps user interface using native apps programming language on Google Chrome

What Are the Top Web Development Frameworks in 2024?

Here are the top web development frameworks in 2024.

Ext JS

Ext JS is a comprehensive JavaScript framework. It is important to note that it has evolved with recent updates. Version enhancements often introduce the following benefits:

✔️Improved component libraries

✔️Enhanced data visualization

✔️Updated theming capabilities. 

The framework prioritizes modern web development practices. Therefore, it provides tools for building feature-rich applications. However, it is important to note that the framework is built more specifically for enterprises. 

The latest version is Ext JS 7.7 has come with the following improvements:

  • Grid enhancements with better scrolling experience, cell editing, grid column sort state, row editing, and more.
  • Improved Timefield and Calendar Modern components
  • Enhanced Firefox user experience for Grid Column
  • Chart component improvements for Classic and Modern
  • Accessibility improvements for Grid (ARIA)
  • Support for all Ext JS framework versions from 7.x to 4.x
  • Support for all major platforms of different operating systems
  • Import support for Sencha Themer-generated themes in Architect
  • Enhanced Sencha Architect 
  • Performance improvements

You may check further details on the Sencha website. 

Ext JS web application framework for complex web application and building web applications such as progressive web applications


1. Rich Component Library

2. Strong support for data visualization and charting.

3. Enterprise-Level Support

4. Cross-Browser Compatibility


1. Steeper learning curve for beginners.

2. Commercial usage may involve licensing fees.

3. Can be considered heavyweight for smaller projects.

4. High customization may require deep understanding.

Choosing Ext JS depends on project requirements. Ext JS can be a powerful choice for enterprise-level applications with complex UI needs. However, other frameworks might be more suitable for simpler projects.

Let’s explore some other frameworks that are more suitable for small projects. 

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Vue.js is a progressive JavaScript framework. Besides, it is most importantly used for building user interfaces. Its reactive data binding ensures efficient UI updates. At the same time, Vue’s component-based structure fosters modularity. 

Vue Router enables single-page application navigation. Furthermore, Vuex manages the state in complex applications. Directives, like `v-if`, streamline DOM manipulation. Vue supports both template syntax and JSX for defining component structure. 

Interestingly, Vue CLI facilitates project management with tools for scaffolding and development. 

Vue JS for web application development refers web app functions with a static web apps web pages


Facebook develops React.js. It is important to note that React.js is a declarative, component-based JavaScript library. Moreover, it is the most useful library for building efficient and scalable user interfaces. Its key features include:

  • Virtual DOM for optimized updates
  • JSX for concise UI representation
  • Unidirectional data flow. 

Components manage the internal state and receive data via props. React Router facilitates single-page application navigation. Developers pair React with tools like Redux and Webpack.

React native app programming languages for latest web development trends

What are Some Popular  Backend Technologies and Frameworks in 2024?

In 2024, the tools for backend development will get better. Three important ones are:

  • Node.js
  • Django
  • Spring Boot. 

✔️Node.js is great for handling many things at once. 

✔️Django helps build apps quickly with Python. 

✔️Spring Boot is good for big projects with Java.

Making the front and back parts of a website work together is key. Using RESTful APIs and GraphQL helps them talk to each other smoothly. Some people also split the backend into small parts called microservices. Microservices make things easier to manage.

When picking the right backend technology, think about the requirements of your project. 

✔️Node.js suits real-time applications.

✔️Django excels in content-heavy platforms. 

✔️Spring Boot is preferred for enterprise-level solutions.

Client side programming for best native mobile app experience in application server for mobile device

What Are Full-Stack Solutions?

Full-stack development is emphasizing proficiency in both frontend and backend technologies. This approach streamlines the entire web development process. 

✔️Frameworks like React, Vue, and Angular enhance frontend capabilities. While Node.js, Django, and Flask power the backend. 

Developers proficient in full-stack frameworks can handle all aspects of a project. The two most popular full-stack solutions are: 

✔️MEAN (MongoDB, Express.js, Angular, Node.js)

✔️MERN (MongoDB, Express.js, React, Node.js),. 

These solutions streamline communication between client and server. Full-stack development accelerates project timelines and reduces dependencies. 

What is the Significance of Evaluating Ecosystem and Community Support For Frameworks?

A strong community of developers is really important for the success of a technology. It means people are actively involved, sharing ideas and helping each other. This community support is like a big team working together. Good documentation, clear instructions, and helpful tutorials make it easier for everyone to use the technology. 

When there’s support from other companies and developers outside the main group, it’s even better.

Looking forward to 2024, these communities are expected to keep growing. This growth is because people keep sharing ideas and improving things together. This teamwork guarantees that the technology will stay useful and updated. So, having a strong community around technology is a big plus.

How Do You Make the Right Decision When Choosing a Framework?

Choosing the right framework follows a systematic approach aligned with project needs. For example, you must consider factors like:

  • Scalability
  • Performance
  • Team expertise. 

Balance personal preferences with project constraints and think about the long-term picture.

You must use online resources to stay updated on evolving frameworks in 2024. Follow reputable blogs, join developer communities, and attend conferences. 

Online platforms like GitHub provide insights into a framework’s activity and community engagement. Regularly checking these sources ensures you know the latest trends and updates.

Web Application Development: Conclusion

In the above article, we discussed the modern web application development frameworks. Moreover, we also talked about frontend and backend technologies. At the same time, we also highlighted full-stack solutions. Finally, we shared some important tips for choosing the right frameworks for your projects. You can let us know in the comments if you have any questions. 

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Web Application Development: FAQs

Why Is It Crucial to Choose the Right Tech Stack for Web Application Development in 2024?

The choice of the right tech stack determines the success and performance of your web application. Therefore, it is important to choose it wisely.

Why Is Detecting User Environments Important?

Detecting user environments helps us create an engaging user experience in our web application. Moreover, it also enhances the performance of our website.

What Is the Significance of Detecting Browser Information in Web Development?

Detecting browser information in web development is crucial for creating responsive and compatible websites. It allows developers to tailor user experiences based on specific browser capabilities and optimize performance.

What Do You Need to Develop a Web Application?

To develop a web application, you need a text editor, web browser, HTML/CSS/JavaScript, backend language/framework, database, and hosting service.

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