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Sencha Space is a secure, cross-platform environment for your mobile web and HTML5 apps. You can use it to help:

  • Build — Reduce the cost of developing secure, cross-platform mobile apps
  • Deploy — Simplify app deployment for both testing and production
  • Manage — Enforce policies to secure your users, data, and applications

Get Started

Getting started with Sencha Space is a simple three-step process. You will be able to easily deploy applications to users and groups using fine-grained access control policies. Space will allow you to enforce access, usage, and security policies. As users join and leave your organization or change their mobile devices, you can easily manage how they access your applications and your data.


1. Register

Create your administrator account and set up your organization in Space. Your Space organization allows you to manage your applications, users, and groups.

Register at

Invite users and assign them to groups

2. Invite users and assign them to groups

Invite users to your Space Organization and put them in groups. Groups allow you to organize your users and deploy applications to specific user groups based on business need.

Add Applications

3. Add applications

Add applications and map them to groups for your Space users to use. This process makes the application available instantly for the designated groups of users.