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Announcing Sencha ExtReact 6.6.1 with React 16.5 Support

September 11, 2018 114 Views

We’re excited to announce the release of ExtReact 6.6.1 with support for the latest React framework version 16.5 and Babel 7.

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Note: npm requires you to replace @ in login with “..”. For example, if your login to the support portal is [email protected], your login to the npm registry will be You can use your existing support portal password.

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What’s New in ExtReact 6.6.1

Support for React 16.5

ExtReact 6.6.1 supports React 16.5 with support for React dev tools profiler, updates to React DOM events, new scheduler and a number of bug fixes.

React’s virtual dom is known for efficiently rendering components and you can track the performance of the React apps with new React code and Chrome DevTools. You can use them to diagnose slow rendering parts of your application. In the development mode, you can visualize how components mount, update, and unmount, using the performance tools in supported browsers.

Chrome DevTools Performance of ExtReact apps

Chrome DevTools Performance of ExtReact apps

Support for Babel 7

ExtReact 6.6.1 supports Babel 7. Babel is a transpiler for JavaScript that is popular among developers for its ability to turn ES6 or ES7 into code that can run on your browsers and devices. Babel 7 is faster and comes with an upgrade tool, JavaScript configurations, configuration overrides, options for size minification, support for React’s JSX Fragments, and support for TypeScript. Update your ExtReact application with dependencies as below:

“dependencies”: {

“@sencha/ext-react”: “~6.6.1”,

“devDependencies”: {

“@babel/core”: “^7.0.0”,
“@sencha/ext-react-babel-plugin”: “~6.6.1”,
“@sencha/ext-react-webpack-plugin”: “~6.6.1”,

Try It and Share Your Feedback

We’re looking forward to seeing the awesome web applications you create with ExtReact and look forward to reading your feedback in the ExtReact forum.