JavaScript in the Enterprise – Your Questions Answered


In last week’s webinar, Analyzing the ROI of JavaScript in Enterprise Software Development, we discussed the requirements for building enterprise applications and highlighted some of the challenges commonly faced by our own customers. In this article, we answer some of the top questions asked by attendees.

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Sencha Space Smooths the Transition to iOS 8

Technology enthusiasts generally greet new Apple releases with a jubilant fanfare, but new device and iOS releases regularly impose significant costs for application developers. Fortunately, Sencha Space insulated its subscribers and end users from these interruptions. End users who upgraded to iOS 8 were able to simply upgrade their Space client application and all the apps deployed to them through Space continued to work as intended.

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Apple Shows Love for HTML5 with iOS 8


We’ve only had the iOS 8 GA bytes for a few days, but we wanted to do as quick and complete a write-up as we could to give the global web developer community an in-depth look at Apple’s latest release. We’ve run our battery of benchmarks and tests, and we’re excited to share what we’ve uncovered.

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Sencha Hosts Web Application Development Seminar in Seoul, Korea


Sencha is hosting a seminar in Seoul, Korea on May 16, 2014 — Sencha Web Application Development for the Enterprise. The conference will focus on HTML5 and the Enterprise, and it will help organizations by describing how HTML5 and Sencha solutions, which include frameworks, tools and application delivery platforms, can address these issues. If you’ll be in Seoul on May 16, sign up for the event.

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The Downside of Native Packaging


The 2007 introduction of the iPhone ushered in a new era of mobility. We now expect our applications and data to be accessible on the most convenient network-connected device. Our appetite for mobile technology has resulted in a massive influx of mobile devices supporting a myriad of different mobile operating systems.

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Announcing Public Beta of Ext JS 5


Sencha Ext JS 5 beta is available for public access and evaluation. This release includes touch support, two-way data binding, grid gadgets, touch-optimized charts, routing and more. For all the Ext JS developers out there, this a great opportunity to help make this the best Ext JS release ever. We invite you to download the beta and share your feedback in the forum.

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iOS 7.1: The Bug Fix Release Arrives


Last October we reviewed the web implementation in iOS7.0. We were disappointed in the release, and said that "the sheer number of bugs and broken features, clearly mark this release as a beta". Now that iOS 7.1 has just shipped, we decided to revisit our assessment and see how much progress Apple has made polishing the product.

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Addressing Mobile Data Security (Part 2)


In Part 1 of this series, we explored how the increasing cost of data breaches coupled with the risk of increased mobility poses formidable challenges for IT-based organizations. In this article, we will examine how adding a solution that provides application-level strong cryptography for data both in-motion and at-rest can help to strengthen the security posture of today’s MDM/MAM solutions.

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