Hidden Gems in Chrome Developer Tools

Google Chrome has a great set of developer tools that offers lots of features — in fact, so many features that it’s hard to find them all. Art Kay shares a few hidden gems that he uses to make it easier to build web apps.

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Developing for Google Glass with Sencha Touch

Wearable electronics have seen a boom over the last year. This is mainly due to the adoption of advanced watches that can do anything from answer phone calls to play games. Google feels they have the next big thing in wearable technology, and today we are going to take a look at how that will affect us as developers.

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Announcing Sencha Blink 1.0


Today we’re pleased to announce the first release of Sencha Blink, a cross platform UI toolkit for the coming wave of spectacle-based devices. Sencha Blink offers a full set of display components, fully abstracted eye events (using the new W3C HTML5 Eye Events), and a rich set of image query primitives.

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Survey Says: Windows Phone 8 Support Strong, HTML5 Important for Multi-Device App Dev


We recently conducted a survey to our developer community about the impact that today’s multi-device world has on businesses and application development. Over 1,400 developers, managers, and IT execs responded and shared their insights on a variety of topics, including Windows Phone 8, Apple’s iOS 6, and the challenges of IT in a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) world.

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A Survey of JavaScript Timers on Mobile


Desktop browsers have had high resolution, high consistency JavaScript timers for the last few years. As a result, many web developers have become used to creating production-quality animations using zero-second callbacks via setTimeOut() and setInterval(). However, on mobile devices, this style of animation programming can have subpar performance and consistency – we wondered if it was due to poorer timer implementations. We researched the issue and found that while older Androids and iPods have noticeably poorer timer implementations than desktop browsers, the most recent Android and iOS tablets and phones seem to have mostly caught up.

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The Sencha Hackathon Recap


SenchaCon in Austin last week really reaffirmed our belief in the strength of the Sencha community – and most especially on day three, when we hosted our biggest ever Sencha Hackathon.

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