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Company Update: July 2013

July 2, 2013 198 Views

The last few months have been a busy time here at Sencha. We’ve been working to get everything ready for SenchaCon, and with two weeks to go, it looks like everything is coming together! In parallel with the conference, we’ll be blogging about the product and partner announcements from the conference, so stay tuned for those updates. With all that news queued up for SenchaCon, there are only a few things to cover in this post.

Expanding our technology partnerships has been a theme for us recently, and in May we announced that we would expand Sencha Touch support to the forthcoming Tizen platform. Tizen promises a first class HTML5 experience, and we’re looking to start work on making Sencha Touch work on Tizen as it approaches its ship date.

Last month, we also launched our first instructor-led live online training offering. We developed this additional training model because we believe that offering a more flexible schedule for training opens it up to a lot of folks who simply can’t travel to our open training classes. Our very first class sold out in just a few days, so we’re looking to expand the number of classes we offer this way.

The last few months have seen good progress on HTML5 standards and implementations. In a move that was foreshadowed by a Vine teaser video, the preview of Internet Explorer 11 sports a WebGL implementation, as well as support for device orientation and full screen APIs. There is also solid W3C work on blending and compositing that introduces advanced layering and color blending into the browser for both generic DOM content via CSS as well as Canvas. With iOS7’s heavy use of these effects, this is something that will be great to have in the web development toolbox sooner rather than later. And while some basic blending has been possible with SVG Filter effects, this has been a small subset of what was desirable.

Finally, and once again, thank you for your continuing support of Sencha and for your invaluable contributions to the community.