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Debugging JS Frameworks: Identify and Fix Errors with Techniques

November 30, 2023 533 Views

JavaScript is one of the most flexible programming languages used in web development. However, it comes with major challenges instead of higher complexity and flexibility. We need to fix errors in the code. The process of identifying and fixing the errors is called debugging. This article will introduce you to the debugging tools and techniques. It will help you create an optimized and clean code base. Before proceeding further, note that you can also find built-in debugging tools with your JS frameworks. One such example is Sencha’s JavaScript Framework.

We will start by introducing common JavaScript Framework errors. Then, we will introduce you to JavaScript debugging. Moreover, we will also talk about the essential debugging tools.  At the same time, you will also learn about advanced debugging techniques. So what are you waiting for? Let’s wait and read this article till the end.

Debugging Tools and Techniques For JS Frameworks: Identify and Fix Errors in a most popular javascript framework

What Are Common JavaScript Errors?

Here are some of the most common JavaScript errors.

Syntax Errors and Their Impact

Syntax errors occur when the code violates the rules of the JavaScript language. The interpreter detects these errors. The detection happens during the compilation phase of code. It is important to note that if there are errors, it prevents the code from running altogether.

Logical Errors and Their Manifestation

Logical errors do not result in immediate failure. Instead, they produce incorrect outputs.

Runtime Errors and Their Effects

Runtime errors are also known as exceptions. These errors occur during the execution of the program. They can lead to crashes or abnormal program termination if not handled properly.

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What Is JavaScript Debugging?

Debugging helps our code Run smoothly without any problems. It works by identifying, isolating, and fixing errors in the JavaScript code. However, we need to understand the codebase to perform debugging. At the same time, we should be able to use appropriate tools to inspect and manipulate the program’s execution.

It is important to use debugging tools as it can save us a lot of time. Manual debugging can consume a lot of time for developers, resulting in less focus on the other aspects of the code. Let’s explore essential debugging tools.

What Are Essential JS Frameworks Debugging Tools?

Here are some of the most essential debugging tools.

Console: Leveraging console.log and Its Variations

As a developer, you must know the importance of a console log when debugging. The console log is like a best friend of developers. We use the statement “console.log” in the code. It helps us print the statement in the console log. Moreover, it helps us understand our code’s flow and variables’ values.


let x = 5;
console.log('The value of x is:', x);

Browser Devtools: Inspecting and Debugging in Chrome, Firefox, Etc.

BrowserDevTools help us debug our code on Google Chrome, Firefox, and other browsers. Modern browsers come with built-in debugging tools. They help us debug the JavaScript Code by inspecting elements and monitoring the network activity.

Debugger Statement: Utilizing Debugger in Code

The debugger statement helps us pause the code and monitor its current state. In other words, this statement triggers the debugger in the code. Here is an example:

function exampleFunction() {
    let x = 10;
    debugger; // Pauses execution here
    console.log('The value of x is:', x);

Linters: Ensuring Cleaner Code With Tools Like Eslint

You may also use Linters like ESLint. They help us identify code issues and enforce the code standards. They can catch common mistakes before runtime, such as:

  • Undeclared variables
  • Unused imports, before runtime,

It can lead to more robust and error-free code.

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What Are Advanced JS Frameworks Debugging Techniques?

Here are some advanced debugging techniques that every developer should know:

Breakpoints: Effective Use of Setting Breakpoints

It helps us pause the execution of our code at specific points. We can use this feature to inspect variables, understand the flow of the program, and evaluate expressions.

Watch and Scope: Analyzing Variables and Their Scopes,

It is important to watch and understand variables to help debug the code. Devtools help us monitor variable values. The best part is that they help us do it in real-time. As a result, we can identify the logical errors.

Call Stack: Understanding the Order of Function Calls

The call stack helps us trace the flow of our code. It helps us identify the origin of runtime errors and logical issues.

Profiling: Optimizing Performance Through Profiling Tools

We can analyze the performance of our code using the profiling tools. In other words, it helps identify bottlenecks and resource-intensive functions. As a result, we can optimize the code for better efficiency.

What Are the Tips for Efficient Debugging of JS Frameworks?

Here are some expert tips for efficient debugging.

Readability: Writing Code That Is Easy to Debug

Like readability matters in writing other languages,  it also matters in programming languages. A highly readable code is also easier to debug. It is important to create code that is well-documented and well-structured. This makes it easier to spot errors.

Step-By-Step Approach: Debugging Systematically

It is important to break down complex issues into smaller tasks to approach debugging systematically. Focusing on one problem at a time makes debugging more organized.

Utilizing Version Control: Understanding Changes and Reverting if Needed

We can use version control systems like Git to track changes in our code base. It can help us understand whenever an error is introduced into the code. Hence, it can significantly expedite the debugging process.

Seeking Community Support: Forums, Stack Overflow, Etc.

You must consult expert developers, communities, and forums for effective debugging. It can keep you informed and updated on new tools and techniques daily.

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Debugging JS Frameworks: Conclusion

Debugging keeps our JavaScript code in shape. It helps us identify the errors and fix them. However, we need to have proper knowledge of debugging tools and techniques. We should know all the forums’ communities and consult expert developers. We can also use Sencha inspector to analyze our Ext JS applications.

Debugging JS Frameworks: FAQs

What Are the Most Common Types of JavaScript Errors?

The most common type of error in the JavaScript development process is logical error.

What Tools Can I Use for Debugging JS Frameworks?

Sencha Inspector helps us debug our applications more effectively when creating web apps.

How Can I Optimize JavaScript Performance Using JS Frameworks Debugging Tools?

We enhance the functionality and ensure our code functions without errors while developing web applications.

Which JS Frameworks Have the Most Jobs?

React JS open source javascript library, Angular, and Vue have the most jobs, but Ext JS web components have the most demand for enterprise-level applications.

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