SenchaCon Update

There are really exciting product developments afoot at Sencha, ideas that will dramatically enhance how organizations design, develop, test, deploy, and manage their critical business applications in the future. We look forward to presenting all of these ideas to you, and because there’s a lot to share, we are moving the upcoming SenchaCon to April 2015.

Santa Clara Convention Center

At the conference, we will present exciting news about our frameworks, the latest enhancements to our developer tools, updates on Sencha Space, and share concepts for a powerful new application development, testing, deployment, and management platform. Of course, the conference will also provide an awesome forum to show your own expertise, network with your peers in the Sencha community, and engage with the Sencha team directly. As with every SenchaCon, it will be a lot of fun and an event you don’t want to miss!


Here are the location and dates of SenchaCon 2015:

  • Location: Santa Clara Convention Center, Santa Clara, CA — San Francisco Bay Area
  • Dates: April 7–9, 2015

Save the date, and join us for what promises to be an incredible technical conference!

Registration will open in Fall 2014. Look for more details at and in our newsletter.

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Jeff is VP of Products and Services at Sencha. His executive management experience includes product management, services, and marketing roles at various high-tech companies during his 20-year career, including Terracotta, PricewaterhouseCoopers, E.pihany, Loudcloud, and EDS. He holds an MBA from Stanford University and a BS in engineering and mathematics from the United States Military Academy.


  1. David Marrs says

    This is just not on. Flights booked from Europe too (Belfast) for two of our staff. The original blog post (which I note has now been conveniently deleted) never mentioned that the dates were subject to change. Between flights, accommodation and vehicle hire we are out nearly £5,000 GBP (about $8,000. For a small organisation, this is money we cannot afford to lose. Is there even any chance of a mini conference or even meet ups so it’s not a total loss? If no, sencha as an organisation should be ashamed of themselves.

  2. Kevin says

    I also booked my flights, hotels and transportation from Germany. But I’m glad I still have one opportunity to reschedule my flights, I hope it’s worth the additional costs. But can someone assure me the dates will not change again, and will it include pre conference bootcamps as well, or will those be held on April 6th? Since I have to reschedule the flights this week.

  3. Conor says

    Thanks a lot guys. Return flights from Dublin to San Francisco down the pan. Santa Clara hotel booking down the pan. Car hire down the pan. Not happy at all.

  4. Morten says

    Completely agree with the aforementioned. Have already purchased flight tickets from Norway and booked hotel, airport transfer, etc. The previous blog post (which is indeed deleted) never mentioned that dates were subject to change. How can we take Sencha as a company (and their products) seriously when such a huge investment from the customer’s end are simply ignored?!
    Rescheduling an event like this is simply not acceptable.

  5. Randy Gordon says

    Not happy either. I’ve got this training approved for November, but now I have to scramble for something else to meet my 2014 training objective. Left a phone message with Sencha the other week inquiring about the date and they never bothered to return my call.

  6. Jeff Hartley says

    @All respondents: Changing the dates of SenchaCon was a difficult decision for Sencha, but it was the right one for our customers, partners, and the Sencha community. Hopefully when you attend the April 2015 event you will understand. We made sure to change the date prior to registration opening, and generally, we don’t recommend booking travel for any industry conference until you are actually registered to attend the event. We’ll contact you offline to discuss your concerns.