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Ext JS Themes

Ext JS comes with a handful of themes that make your rich web app look polished without lifting a finger. With three included themes to choose from, you can be sure your app looks fantastic in all major browsers.

Our new Themes Example in Ext JS 3.2+ makes it easy to test any theme or create your own. Applying your own custom theme is as simple as attaching your own stylesheet last. Structural and visual properties remain completely separated in Ext JS bundled themes, so colors and images can be easily modified to adhere to your project guidelines.

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Hire Sencha

If you prefer, hire our expert Sencha developers to handcraft your theme based on a document specification. Contact us to get started. (Subject to availability.)

How to Start Your Own Custom Theme

  1. 1 Inspect the DOM using Firefox + Firebug. Find the background-image or structural property you want to change. firefox-firebug
  2. 2 Open yourtheme.css inside resources/css/ to begin editing. Override visual properties and add structural changes. your-theme-css
  3. 3 Choose "Your Theme" from the select at the top-right of the example page. Refresh to see your changes and repeat! your-theme-select

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