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Product roadmap

Sencha Touch is the leader in mobile HTML5

Sencha Touch uses the advanced CSS3 and HTML5 features in modern smartphones to produce stunning results right out of the box. And we're only getting started! Here's some of what we're working on.

We're always updating our Roadmaps, so please expect that they will change without much notice! We add (and drop) features for three reasons:

  • We have a new feature idea that's simply more interesting to you than an existing feature on the Roadmap
  • We decide it makes sense to move a bucket of features into an upgrade or even a separate product (eg. Sencha Touch)
  • A feature is very hard or time-consuming to implement, and needs to be deferred (or simply cancelled)

The Roadmap shown here is our best current idea of features that will be in the next versions of our products. Please read it with the understanding that it is, at best, mostly accurate.

Sencha Touch Product Roadmap

  • Additional device support, such as Windows Phone, etc
  • Improved Android Tablet and Phone Performance
  • Smaller footprint with more complete optimizer
  • Auto-managed Components (dynamic carousels and lists)
  • Integration of Ext JS 4's class system to support mixins, dependency loading, class defs, and more