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Sencha GXT Application Framework for GWT

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Sencha GXT

The only enterprise class UI framework for building amazing HTML5 web apps using Java

Sencha GXT high performance UI widgets coupled with GXT's full interoperability with GWT components accelerate your web apps development process to increase your productivity.

A new theme, Neptune (1) Allows use of CSS3 (2) Over 350 configuration properties (3)

What is Sencha GXT

Sencha GXT is the fastest, most powerful way to create rich web-based applications using Java.

Sencha GXT uses the GWT compiler that allows you to write your applications in Java and compile your code into highly optimized cross-browser HTML5 and JavaScript. Sencha GXT takes GWT to the next level, giving you high-performance widgets, feature-rich templates and layouts, advanced charting, data loaders and stores, and much more.

Templates and Layout Managers

To help you organize the display of data and content, Sencha GXT includes templates with advanced features such as autofilling arrays. Plus, our flexible layout manager helps you control the display of components for even the most complex user interfaces.

High-Performance UI Widgets

Sencha GXT provides a comprehensive library of high-performance data widgets that are fully themed and customizable. These include data trees and tree grids, lists, forms, menus, toolbars, panels, and windows. And even if it's not in the core library, you're almost certain to find it in the hundreds of user extensions from our Sencha GXT community.

Professional Documentation, Training and Support

Our documentation and learning resources are comprehensive, detailed and regularly maintained. We also offer several options for professional training at multiple levels including beginner and advanced. We also offer professional support with guaranteed response times and a full ticketing system.

Browser Compatibility

Ext GWT supports all major web browsers including:
Safari 6+
Internet Explorer 8+
Opera 12+