Announcing GXT 4 Early Access

We are extremely excited to announce the availability of Sencha GXT 4 Early Access version. With GXT 4, you’ll be able to build rich, data-centric HTML5 applications for both desktops and tablets using Java, and mobilize your existing GXT apps. Download it now and share our feedback in the forum.

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Taking a Look at Sencha GXT and GWT


David Chandler, our new Developer Advocate for Sencha GXT, reflects on changes in the GWT ecosystem since GWT became fully open source in 2012 and talks about what’s coming up for Sencha GXT.

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Getting Started with GWT Super Dev Mode


If you’re a GWT user, you’ve probably noticed that various browsers have been removing support for classic Dev Mode. This change helps to ensure better performing browsers and plugins, but it puts a kink in debugging GWT applications. The future is in Super Dev Mode, so we’ve been testing it regularly, making sure that GXT applications will work correctly in it, and improving the development process. See how it works.

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Announcing Sencha GXT 3.1


We are pleased to announce the general availability of Sencha GXT 3.1. We have addressed several issues that were reported via the public beta forums — thanks to all of the beta testers. Download GXT 3.1 and check out the new Theme Builder and Neptune Theme.

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GXT Customer Spotlight – Logic9s ClearFactr

Sencha GXT allowed us to take our years of large-scale app dev experience and transition to a high-performance, highly scalable, web-centric platform in a very short time. We’re able to give our users a great experience and unquestionable value.

Logic9s chose Sencha GXT to build a powerful UI for their SaaS application, ClearFactr. They used the GXT Grid widget which dramatically outperformed alternatives in rendering and navigation speed, and allowed their developers to be much more productive.

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Making a New GXT Theme Has Never Been Easier


Theme Builder is a new tool that generates Appearance based themes for GXT. It includes CSS3 features like gradients and rounded corners, and it can also generate images to enable older browsers to use these properties. Download GXT 3.1 beta to see some examples and try out the Theme Builder.

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