The Rise of Web Technology

We commissioned a study with Forrester Consulting and confirmed much of what we were hearing from our customers. The results show that web technology has gone mainstream as organizations move away from native app dev. You can download the full report and register for our upcoming webinar.

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Forrester and Sencha Discuss Evolution of Web App Development and Management


Sencha and Forrester held a joint webinar to discuss key trends and best practices in web application management and deployment. We covered the evolution of application development practices and technology and identified best practices that organizations can use to create cost-effective, successful, long-term application strategies. Check out the Q&A in this post and watch the webinar recording.

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HTML5 Best Practices – Your Questions Answered

We gathered a panel of HTML5 and JavaScript experts from around the industry to discuss their thoughts on a variety of meaningful topics. In this post, we share our thoughts on a few of the topics covered. You can also listen to the lively Q&A session in the recorded webinar.

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Best Practices for Building HTML5 Applications

HTML5 has proven itself to be a reliable and powerful platform for building robust applications across a variety of devices. However, as web technology continues to evolve at a rapid pace, it can be difficult for developers to stay on top of the latest tools and techniques. Check out this article and our upcoming webinar.

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Sencha Space: Beyond Native Packaging — Your Questions Answered

Did you miss our webinar on Sencha Space: Beyond Native Packaging? We discussed some of the important aspects of hybrid application development that cause significant friction. Specifically, we showed how native packaging tools waste both time and money by forcing developers to repeat the application development lifecycle for each of their supported platforms. Read some of the Q&A here and then watch the webcast recording.

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Sencha Space Webinar Series: Session 2 – Beyond Native Packaging


Join us for the second installment in our Sencha Space webinar series. We’ll explore the deficiencies of native packaging solutions and how Sencha Space provides a better way to deploy, secure, and manage hybrid applications. There will be a Q&A session at the end of the presentation, so you can get all of your deployment questions answered.

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How to Deploy and Manage your Ext JS and Other HTML5 Apps


In our Space 1.2 webinar last week, we gave an overview of the challenges around application development, deployment, management, and security that developers and IT professionals in the enterprise have to handle. Read this post and check out the webinar recording to see a demo of Sencha Space and learn how it addresses all of these challenges by providing a managed runtime environment for HTML5 apps on desktops, tablets and smartphones.

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