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2019 Update: An Exciting Year for Sencha & Ext JS

April 25, 2019 130 Views

2019 will be an exciting year for Sencha. Last week, I was honored to speak at the Sencha Community Conference in Germany, organized by eyeworkers GmbH. It was great to see the number of passionate developers that love Ext JS. We provided an update for our 2019 product roadmap, as well as a number of growth initiatives to reignite the momentum of Ext JS. We demonstrated ExtAngular that launched last month, and provided a preview of Ext JS 7.0, which will be released later this quarter. The roadmap outlined the scope of 7.1, along with new developments to follow on the tooling front.

We have a lot of developments on the business side as well. We brought on board a General Manager for Sencha, Kegan Blumenthal, to provide more dedicated leadership. As our developer tools portfolio expanded significantly, I want to ensure that Sencha gets the right focus and attention. Our team worked with Kegan to develop a robust plan to continue to drive new developer adoption and improve our messaging. You will see some of this soon with updates to Sencha’s Website and the launch of several new Web properties. We are making a number of additional internal realignments to improve support and quality, which are absolutely critical for success. This makes me very confident in our future.

Ext JS is an amazing product. Our Grid continues to deliver unmatched performance. I was told of a new benchmarking study that demonstrates how our grid outperforms all major competitors and in some cases by a significant margin. But Ext JS offers so much more than the grid. All elements in the framework consistently work together to create a great user experience that is easy to build and maintain. We need to get more developers to rediscover Ext JS. Our cross-platform components will definitely help, as we get better with distribution and messaging in the broader JavaScript ecosystem.

Working with the community is critical. We will rely on our MVPs and passionate developers to do more community events and support innovation that increases awareness and cements Ext JS leadership for enterprise-grade applications.

Please join me and Kegan for a brief overview webinar of our 2019 plans on May 2nd at 8:30am PDT / 11:30am EDT / 4:30pm BST.

Register here:

We look forward to sharing our plans with you and want to thank you again for being a part of the Sencha community!