Introducing the Sencha Touch App Gallery

We are proud to introduce the “Sencha Touch App Gallery”: Currently stocked with over one hundred Sencha Touch mobile apps, we expect it to grow by leaps and bounds over the next year.

*More than 100 apps are available* either as web apps, or using a native-wrapper (like “PhoneGap”: or “NimbleKit”: to deploy to app stores. We currently have both free and paid apps representing the three biggest mobile app stores: Apple’s App Store, Android’s Marketplace, and the BlackBerry App World; as well as the burgeoning up-and-comers like Chrome Web Store, Mac App Store, and Amazon Appstore for Android.

Sencha Touch apps are available on the Apple App Store, Android Marketplace, and BlackBerry App World.

You can browse through apps alphabetically, or sort by categories like “business”: or “social networking”: See which apps are available for your device, view screenshots, and share the links with your friends on Facebook and Twitter. You can also see interesting information about each app, including whether they’ve won a Sencha contest, or been featured on our blog in a “Spotlight article”:

Finally, send the app page to your phone or tablet with a QR code and try out the app.

h3. Featured Apps

We’re incredibly proud to see so many *amazing* mobile web apps being built with Sencha Touch and HTML5 — especially considering it was just last year we released Sencha Touch 1.0. Listed, of course, you’ll find the usual suspects of Sencha-created demos like the “Kitchen Sink”: and “KivaTouch”:, but you’ll also find such community favorites as Nils Dehls’ app “Remember the Card”:, which had the honor of being the very first third-party app created with Sencha Touch. Or Cahit Gurguc’s “DailyCrossword”:, which won last year’s “Sencha Touch App Contest”:

Here are some more apps that recently caught our eye:

h4. “Creature Mixup by Mark Wyner”:

Mark Wyner made his cute creature creator relying on Sencha Touch’s carousel. Select a background and a creature shape, then start mixing and matching top and bottoms until you get a mixed up monster of your own. Creature Mixup is only 99¢ for Android and iOS, with a BlackBerry version coming soon. Mark is also planning a tablet-optimized version in the future.

h4. “Bugs in the Garden by Justin Davidson”:

What makes Bugs in the Garden stand out from the crowd, apart from its novel use of the vertical carousel, is the custom illustrations of insects created by Justin Davidson. Justin is a mobile developer who also works on an organic farm, and wanted an app to help him learn his way around the tiny bugs that share his garden. Justin’s app is incredibly handy if your thumbs are even slightly green, and worth a look even if they aren’t. Get it for just 99¢ on the App Store.

h4. “Consumer Reports by”:

This app recently came out on the Android Marketplace and the Apple App Store. It has incredibly deep integration of nearly every Sencha Touch feature to make an app that gives you helpful reviews of everyday products. Check it out for either Android or Apple devices for $4.99.

h4. “Philadelphia Eagles Draft by”:

If it’s sports you like, you can’t get better than the “”: -built app for the Philadelphia Eagle’s draft. Keep up with the latest news and players picks, and help round out your fantasy roster. Available for free as a web app, as well as on the app stores for iOS and Android.

Submit Your App Today

If you’re interested in having your app showcased on the Sencha Touch App Gallery, we’ve made it simple to submit your information. First, read our Forum post about “submission guidelines”: Then package up your assets in a zip and “fill out the form”: We’ll review your submission and, if it’s appropriate for the gallery, we’ll notify you and post it as soon as possible. Head over to the “App Submission form”: to get started now.

h3. Get Started!

By asking to see your Sencha Touch apps through Twitter, we received a ton of replies that we had never seen before. We know there’s plenty more apps out there and we’re just waiting to see them. If you haven’t made an app with Sencha Touch yet, now is the perfect time to get started. We recently re-launched Sencha Learn and often updated with new material. Take the time to get started with Sencha Touch and in a short while you could be ready to “submit your own app”: James Pearce’s “Sencha Touch Quick Start”: is a great place to begin.

And while you’re thinking about submitting your next amazing app to the Sencha Touch App Gallery, why not enter it in our SenchaCon Share Contest as well? Who knows, you could even “win a car”:!

Check out the “App Gallery”: today and get inspired to write your first mobile web app with Sencha Touch! To all the developers already listed in the gallery, thanks for making amazing web apps with Sencha!


  1. John says

    Thanks. Well I’ll come back at some later time then because the current views are rather useless to me. My guess is that 90 percent of the apps are iPhone only, and I’m not interested in those. Don’t feel like clicking through all apps just so I can glance at the sidebar..

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