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Sencha Architect 4.0 Is Now Generally Available

September 8, 2016 196 Views

Today, we’re pleased to announce that Sencha Architect 4.0 is now generally available as part of Ext JS Pro and Premium. Architect 4.0 empowers your team to build HTML5 applications with the Ext JS 6 Modern and Classic toolkits. You can use Architect drag-and-drop features to develop mobile and web applications with Ext JS 6.0.x to Ext JS 6.2 Modern toolkit and Ext JS 4.0.x to Ext JS 6.2 Classic toolkit. Along with Ext JS frameworks, Cmd 6.2 is also bundled with Architect 4.0.

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Build Modern Apps with Drag-and-Drop

Architect 4.0 is a much-anticipated major release that enables you to easily develop modern Ext JS applications for use on mobile devices as well as for modern browsers on desktop. With the drag-and-drop features in Architect, you spend less time on manual coding, and your application code is optimized for high performance. Most Ext JS components have hundreds of configuration options, and Architect makes it easy to change those configurations visually. Architect 4.0 has added drag-and-drop support for hundreds of Modern toolkit components including:

  • 11 Grid elements including various types of grid columns and different plugins
  • 16 Containers including tabpanel, carousel, action sheet, and navigation view
  • 20 Form components including form panel, sliders, and fieldset
  • 36 Charts including 3D bar/pie series, 3D column charts, and radar charts
  • 40 Data package elements including validator, models, proxies, readers, writers, stores, and utilities
  • Many more elements including tree list, media, resources, and themes

Sencha Architect Drag-and-Drop

Build Your Modern App Using Data UI Builder in Minutes

Architect 4.0 provides a feature, Data UI Builder, that gives you a jump start on building complex, data-driven modern apps and mobile prototypes. You can invoke Data UI Builder from your existing data model menu or the Architect toolbar. Data UI builder provides an easy way to create grid views, list views, detail views, forms, validation, controllers, stores, and mock data, quickly and easily via a step-by-step visual interface as shown below:

Architect Data UI Builder

With the Data UI Builder, you get a complete modern mobile Ext JS application that you can further customize based on your business rules. Below is a screenshot that shows an Architect project that is generated using a sample employee data model.

Architect Sample Employee Data Model

Easily Create Hybrid Mobile Apps

Architect 4.0 helps you create hybrid mobile applications for iOS and Android. Architect 4.0 provides a UI to add a Cordova/PhoneGap build profile in app.json, add Cordova within an Ext JS modern app, build a native app, and run in an emulator. You will need Node.js, Cordova/PhoneGap along with Xcode for creating iOS apps, and Android Studio/SDK for creating Android apps.

Create Hybrid Mobile Apps with Architect

Style Your App with the New Material Theme

Architect 4.0 supports Ext JS 6.2 Material theme for the Modern toolkit. Material Design has quickly gained popularity as a design foundation with a minimalistic look and bold colors. With Architect 4.0, you can easily apply the Material theme, customize the theme, and see the update on your application in the design pane.

Style Your App with the New Material Theme

Support for Live Update Using Sencha Cmd and Fashion

Architect 4.0 allows you to modify the Sass files of your Ext JS 6 Modern application and see the changes live. Architect leverages the Ext JS theme compiler, Fashion, to compile Sass and inject updated CSS into your running web apps. This means you don’t have to reload to see theme changes; instead you see the updates in near real-time, directly in your browser.

Support for Live Update Using Sencha Cmd and Fashion

Import Custom Themes from Sencha Themer

Architect 4.0 enables you to import custom themes created using our new tool, Sencha Themer. You then simply open that theme package within Architect by adding it as a Theme resource. Architect will copy the theme package into the project folder and apply the theme.

Import Custom Themes from Sencha Themer

To get started, please read the Modern Application Walkthrough guide and watch the video, read the Classic Dashboard Application Walkthrough guide, and then create a new application.

Thank You!

We wish to extend our heartfelt thanks to our community. Your feedback and bug reports during the Early Access program have made it possible for us to achieve this milestone. We hope you enjoy visually building great looking Ext JS web apps using Architect and look forward for more feedback in the Architect forum.