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Sencha Touch Theme Contest Prizes

I am extremely excited to announce our second contest for Sencha Touch, a theming competition geared toward designers. We have some fantastic, designery prizes lined up, including a [MacBook Air](, a [BlackBerry PlayBook](, and three [iPad 2s](

Roookies app for browsing new Dribbble creations. Built with Sencha Touch. The contest is simple: Build and submit a theme (just a CSS file) for our demo app, Roookies. Roookies is a browser for Dribbble — a popular design sharing site — that highlights “shots” from new players, or “rookies.” To get you started we have already created ( (included in the download), created by Jen Gordon from [Tapptics]( Once all of the entries have been collected, we will judge them on three main factors which are overall design/feel, cross-platform support, and technical prowess (otherwise known as Sass-fu).

For those who haven’t already tried it, theming a Sencha Touch application is easy — thanks in large part to [our use of Compass and Sass]( These two technologies help abstract our themes so designers can manipulate variables like “$base-color” and “$base-gradient” to make sweeping changes to the application style. All of this, of course, comes in addition to the ability to use plain old CSS to style.

Also, we want to include some typographic freedom, so designers are also able to to submit the name of a [Google Web Font]( to be included on the page. For additional info on theming Sencha Touch, watch [my presentation on the subject]( from last year’s SenchaCon. Lastly, [we have added a new page to our Sencha Touch Docs]( documenting the many variables and mixins built into our theming system.

So designers, fire up Photoshop and Textmate and let’s see some beautiful themes!

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  1. James Pearce says

    Andrea, we’re judging people on what they can do with CSS (or Sass). The entries comprise a CSS URL at the very least.

    However, you could also fork the repo and show us what you could have done if you’d been allowed to edit the JS too – just for the props!

  2. David Kaneda says

    Andrea — Just also want to point out that, because we’re targeting mobile WebKit, there is also a lot of design you can add using :before/:after pseudo-elements :) Good luck!

  3. says

    ehehe you will see it :) I really hope to find some free time to join to contest, in these days I’m really full of work, otherwise I will show it on the forum when the contest ends :)

  4. says

    Still a question: (I’m like a spammer on this post :) )
    Does the theme need to be focus on basketball or we are free to think about something else?
    I ask you because I see the icon and splash screen of the application focus on that subject, and if we can only provide a css, then the theme will not fit with this two elements.

  5. David Kaneda says

    Andrea — you’re definitely welcome to do any style theme for the app you’d like. We’ll be judging based solely on the theme, and, if yours wins and you’d prefer a different icon/startup to show it off, we’ll be happy to work in later :)

  6. says

    Has anyone else noticed that the demo theme uses inline-images for the wooden background that don’t work on Android? I’m going to have to externally reference my images for this reason…

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