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SenchaCon 2011—Now Packed with More Goodness

September 12, 2011 | James Pearce

SenchaCon 2011

SenchaCon 2011 is going to be in Austin, Texas, October 23-26, and it’s set to be our biggest and best event ever. We’re putting the finishing touches to the schedule right now, and we thought we’d share some of the excitement with you!

The conference is spread over three days, with the first two focused on presentation sessions and workshops, and the Wednesday dedicated to an all-day Sencha Hackathon.

We’ve organized Monday and Tuesday so that you’ll be able to enjoy a real mixture of sessions. On Monday, the grand introductory Keynote and the morning’s JavaScript track will focus on new Sencha product announcements, demos, innovative community apps and a glimpse of things to come.

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Day 1

In the afternoon, we dive into platform sessions, relevant to both Ext JS and Sencha Touch. We start with a double workshop on implementing MVC-based applications with both frameworks, utilizing the newest features of Ext JS 4 and Sencha Touch 2. We’ve a dedicated session on charting and visualization, including the new Sencha Touch Charts package, and then we conclude with a theming session, showing how the same Sass and Compass techniques can be used in both mobile and desktop apps.

The parallel Ext GWT track will naturally be focused on the improvements we’ve made in Ext GWT 3. Darrell Meyer and the team will lead dedicated sessions on migration, widgets, layout and templates, and you’ll be able to spend valuable time with the framework’s developers themselves in the Clinic sessions on Tuesday. Be sure to bring your laptops!

Also on Monday, our Web Tech & Tools track will be a great chance to hear from the Sencha Labs and WebKit teams. Learn about WebGL, a critical and exciting new web technology, peek under the hood at how browsers work, and get a sense for how the web as a whole is evolving. We’ll also be showcasing Sencha Animator v1.0, the newest addition to our tools lineup, and, our cloud offerings. And of course, don’t miss the session on Node.js!

Day 2

On Tuesday we split the sessions down by framework, and this is a chance to learn about more details of each. The Ext JS track has sessions on accessibility, security, migration, using Designer, and other advanced techniques. You’ll also get a chance to get more details about the improvements and changes made in Ext JS 4.1.

In the Sencha Touch track, we’ll focus on Sencha Touch 2, in particular how to maximize its performance (particularly on Android browsers), upgrade your existing applications, use it to interact with device and carrier network APIs, and then deploy web apps to native app stores. And how to build Sencha Touch apps with Designer? That could be an exciting one…

Woven throughout the second day, both in a dedicated track and in the afternoon, we’ve invited as many community members as possible to run community showcase sessions. While we hope that hearing about the frameworks from the Sencha team is invaluable, we also know that there’s no substitute for learning from members of your community. You’ll hear from both big brands and start-ups alike as they share their experiences of building amazing applications. Code walkthroughs, war stories, solutions and plenty of other tips and tricks! Many of our community members are also helping to run the server-side breakouts later in the afternoon.

Day 3 / Hackathon Evening

And then to Wednesday and the Hackathon. Bring your newfound Sencha skills and hook up with fellow community members in a (semi!) competitive environment. Hack code, snack, drink, and see what amazing things you can come up with in 6 hours of collective coding. There will be a host of prizes for the best apps and an experience not to be missed.

Are you excited yet? We know we are! With more sessions than ever, and what looks set to be a record number of attendees, SenchaCon 2011 is going to rock Austin this year. We’ll see you there!

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Jay Garcia

4 years ago

I am *so* looking forward to interacting with the community in this conference.

Conor Armstrong

4 years ago

Will it all be videoed like last year? 

Would be a bit of a trek for us here in Ireland to make it across.  The videos of the presentations last year were great!

Wemerson Januario

4 years ago

I wish I were in the USA for somedayssssss.

James Pearce Sencha Employee

4 years ago

@Conor, we’ll be videoing all the sessions and making them available to attendees and then the public as soon as we can afterwards.

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