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Spket IDE 1.6.11 Released, Includes New Ext Theme Builder

April 07, 2008 | ReyBango

The team at Spket Studio continues to enhance their Eclipse-based Spket IDE announcing today the release of Spket IDE 1.6.11. Of special interest to Ext developers is the new Ext Theme Builder included in this new Spket release.

The new theme builder provides a very simple method of changing the colors for theme by using a slider to adjust to the desired color. Simply drag the slider until you’ve reached your desired color and choose the export option. The Spket theme builder handles the rest. By combining the Spket plugin with Aptana’s Studio IDE, you now have the ability to greatly enhance the development cycle by using Aptana Studio’s professional suite of editing tools with Spket’s theme builder.

More Options

The Spket Theme Builder is a great new tool for those wishing to have a unique look-and-feel for their Ext applications. Back in early March, we also posted about the various community-driven themes and how Ext developers continue to extend the Ext UI with their own personal touch. More themes have been released since then so it’s important to keep an eye on the Ext user forums for updates.

In addition, the Ext team can assist in customizing applications to suit your specific color schemes. The themes included in the standard Ext framework are excellent choices for many developers but we realize that in many cases, you’ll may want to have a customized theme that matches a specific brand, marketing campaign or corporate guideline. Through the use of our Expert Services, we can tailor the look-and-feel of your Ext application to match your individual needs. In addition, we can also assist in creating a complete user interface for your Ext application. With extensive experience in RIA design and layout development, we can create application layouts that are unique to your target audience and business requirements.

If you’d like to get more information on how the Ext UI team can assist, please contact us at

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7 years ago

[...] a bug-fix-mostly release with the addition of a new Theme Builder for Ext. Rey Bango, of Ext, has more information about this new feature on the Ext Blog. This should make integration of Ext-based widgets into your website much easier [...]

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7 years ago

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7 years ago

Amazing stuff!
Very nicely done.

eclipse ide

7 years ago

[...] special interest to Ext developers is the new Ext Theme Builder included in this new Spket release. software - Wikipedia, the free encyclopediaEclipse is an open-source Integrated development [...]


6 years ago

[...]Thanks for sharing your work with us! Your theme is just awesome![...]


6 years ago

thanks for sharing , i like use spket .

Guard Process

5 years ago

Well done ! thank you for sharing.


4 years ago

Pienso que es la idea excelente.   

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