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Top Support Tips: May 2013

May 7, 2013 191 Views

Having an Issue with Sencha Cmd & Ruby 2?

Sencha Cmd ships with an instance of Compass and Sass that are compatible with
Ext JS 4.2 Themes but these versions have been found to be incompatible with the
latest versions of Ruby. We are working on resolving this but in the interim, we
recommend using Ruby 1.8.7. Check out the docs.

How to Invoke the New Ext JS Neptune Theme from Sencha Cmd

Theming became a whole lot easier with the release of Ext JS 4.2.0. We have also
released the Neptune theme, which is quite a looker.

So, let’s assume you’ve generated your application with Sencha Cmd by issuing the
following command.
sencha –sdk ../ext-4.2.0 generate app MyApp app42

Your newly generated application will be wearing the default Ext JS theme. Now,
let’s make that application use Neptune in two simple steps. Simply edit your
application’s .sencha/app/sencha.cfg file and change:
app.theme=ext-theme-classic TO app.theme=ext-theme-neptune

Now it’s a simple matter of rebuilding your application and you’re off to the races
with Neptune in the lead! Check out the docs.

Sencha Touch Scrolling is Out of Bounds — Use This Trick to Save the Day

It’s not often that I would advocate customers using private methods. Private
methods have a tendency to change, leaving applications broken and users with a
bad taste in their mouth. So, I should reiterate: try at your own peril, and this may break in future Touch versions! Now, that said: some users have experienced unsatisfactory scrolling on older Android devices with older Android API levels.

Android devices will occasionally see some scrolling improvement by changing outOfBoundRestrictFactor from its default of .5 to 0. This config can be manipulated in the scrollable block of your list.
scrollable : {
direction: ‘vertical’,
directionLock: true,
outOfBoundRestrictFactor: 0

We are constantly improving our ability to be great across all mobile devices. But
for the time being, this little trick may save the day. Check out the docs.

NOTE: Use private configurations, methods and events at your own risk. They may
change at any point and they are not supported as part of your application. It’s so important, we had to say it twice.


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