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What’s New in Sencha Learn?

August 15, 2011 | James Pearce

Over the past few weeks, we’ve produced a host of new educational material for our new Learning Center.

The Learning Center is where we host graded tutorials, FAQs, webinars, and screencasts for all of our products. It is designed to complement the frameworks’ API documentation (where you’ll find the canonical guides to using each and every package, guide, and class), and is where we encourage community members to get involved with sharing their experiences.

RSS The Center has an RSS feed for new entries, but we thought we could also give you a quick update on a few of the recent highlights.

New Tutorials

Ext Designer 1.2 beta Overview First up is last week’s webinar: the Ext Designer 1.2 beta Overview. This is a great introduction to, and demo of, this new version. We record and publish all of our webinars, since we know not everyone can attend at the time: last month’s Theming Sencha Frameworks with Sass and Compass is also up on the site.

Sencha Touch Forms tutorial As well as videos, we’re creating dedicated curricula of screencasts for the Learning Center. Our most recent episode, from Drew Neil, covers working with Sencha Touch Forms and is an excellent introduction to data binding in an MVC pattern.

Ext JS 4's Docked Items tutorial One of our most active community members, Jay Garcia, has been busy in the screencast studio. Check out his newest: a tour through Ext JS 4’s Docked Items.

Ext JS 4 tutorial by Tommy Maintz If you’re a newsletter subscriber, you’ll get early access to many of our tutorials and articles. For instance, we’ve been running an epic series from Tommy Maintz on architecting Ext JS 4 MVC apps (and part two). These are now available for general access. And of course stay tuned for part three by signing up in the sidebar on the right or in the newsletter subscribe form at the bottom of our website.

Sencha Touch and PhoneGap tutorial One of the Learning Center’s most popular tutorials ever is ‘A Sencha Touch MVC application with PhoneGap‘. The popular library recently reached its v1.0, and to celebrate, we gave the article a big overhaul. It also now covers using XCode 4.x and Weinre.

Sencha Touch and NimbleKit tutorial Staying on the hybrid native/web topic, we’ve also been playing with NimbleKit, which provides a selection of interesting iOS APIs that can be used in Sencha Touch. Our two-part article on the topic demonstrates how to embed internet radio and camera integration into a simple web app. Very cool.

New Guides and Getting Started

For those exploring our new Sencha Touch Charts package, you’ll find three new guides on the SDK: the basics, interactions, and theming. Stay tuned for more dedicated tutorials on what we think is a truly unique mobile visualization package.

Or are you still just dipping your toes into Sencha Touch? For beginners and hackathon contestants alike, our new Quick Start guide should prove useful. We’ve also got a new Src guide, which takes you on a gentle, but comprehensive, tour of the cloud API’s syntax.

Finally, have you noticed the GitHub links on many of the tutorials and screencasts? We know how helpful it can be for you to get into a topic quickly without having to copy and paste endless fragments of code. Take a look at the working repos on our Sencha Learn GitHub account, fork ‘em, hack ‘em, go crazy.

That’s it for this month. As ever, let us know how you get on with the resources. And good luck on your Sencha adventures!

Written by James Pearce
James Pearce heads developer relations at Sencha. He is a technologist, writer, developer and practitioner, who has been working with the mobile web for over a decade. Previously he was the CTO at dotMobi and has a background in mobile startups, telecoms infrastructure and management consultancy. James is the creator of tinySrc, the WordPress Mobile Pack, WhitherApps, modernizr-server and confess.js, and has written books on mobile web development for both Wiley and Wrox.
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R. Kukuh

4 years ago

Nice works! Very useful!


4 years ago

Awesome. I’ll spend a few hours on this when I get home!


4 years ago

hey Great work. I am a big fan of Sencha Touch, but was crippling in development due to lack of tutorials. Hope these new tutorials will help me speed up in development.

Thanks a lot.


4 years ago

a few sceencast! smile


4 years ago

Very cool that you are adding content to the Learn section.  The examples have proven invaluable as a learning tool to me in the past.  Examples + explanation in the Learn section is a huge boost in value.

Ed Spencer Sencha Employee

4 years ago

@Jaydeep - definitely, ST will get a massive docs boost in 2.0

@slemmon agreed smile we have a small team dedicated to just that right now


4 years ago

Thank you for all information, it is more important for me


4 years ago

Any chance for an ETA for the next public release? Whether it’s 1.1.x, 1.2 or 2.0

I’m hoping there’s one coming really soon…

thiet ke web

4 years ago

Nice works! Very useful!


4 years ago

Gosh, I wish I would have had that ifnormtaion earlier!


3 years ago

I’d vneutre that this article has saved me more time than any other.

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