I’m a Consultant/Systems Integrator that is doing work for a customer with Sencha Ext JS / GXT. Do I need a license? Does my customer need a license?

Yes, either your or your customer will need to purchase an up to 5 developer license pack, possibly more. Your developers must always be licensed. You must also ensure that your customer has their own licenses for any application you develop for them with Sencha Ext JS or Sencha GXT on a work for hire basis (where a third party would own the IP of the application and would require distribution rights).

If your customer is not licensed directly, then they will not have the distribution rights for the application afforded with a license, nor will they be able to update or maintain the application.

Generally, your customer must purchase enough licenses to cover your developers and any of their developers updating or maintaining the application. For example, if you use 6 developers to create the application and your customer will support the application with 3 developers, then they would need to purchase two 5 developer license packs, which would cover all the developers.

Alternatively, if you purchased licenses for your consultancy prior to the development, you can assign them to your customer by notifying Sencha and following any other conditions for an assignment included in the license agreement. So in the same example, if you use 6 developers to create the application and your customer will support the application with 3 developers, you could transfer two 5 developer license packs to your customer if you had already purchased them. If you purchased a 5 pack, you cannot transfer less than the entire 5 pack license.

I purchased Ext JS 4.x and a support subscription, but my support subscription has expired. How can I get rights to Ext JS 5.0?

You can renew your support for your Ext JS license now (which will be backdated to the expiry date), and you will obtain the rights to Ext JS 5.0 during the term of your support subscription. To renew your support subscription, email renewals@sencha.com for a quote.

When I buy Sencha Touch Bundle, do I have the rights to use Sencha Architect and/or the Sencha Eclipse Plugin with Sencha Ext JS?

Yes, but commercial rights are limited to Sencha Touch. If you want to use Architect with both Sencha Ext JS and Sencha Touch, then you must purchase Sencha Complete or the appropriate Sencha Ext JS license(s). The Sencha Eclipse Plugin for Sencha Ext JS is only available in Sencha Complete.

If I buy Sencha Architect, does it come with an Ext JS license?

No, if you buy Architect you will also need to purchase a license of Ext JS for every user of Architect. Another option would to buy Sencha Complete.