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Ext5-342—Ext 5 Update & Migrating from Ext 4 + Optimizing for Tablets Training

Ext 5 Update & Migrating from Ext 4 + Optimizing for Tablets Training

This course combines

  • Ext JS 5 Update Training
  • Ext 5 Migrating from Ext 4 + Optimizing for Tablets Training


This hands-on course is for experienced Ext JS 4 developers who are interested in the exciting new features of Ext JS 5, including touch support for tablets and other touch-screen devices, the new MVVM architecture, data binding, improvements to the data package, routing, the new charts package, grid widgets, and more.

In the last part of this course you will migrate an Ext JS 4 MVC app to an Ext JS 5 a brand new Ext JS 5 application. You will optimize the application for Touch and Tablet support, this includes Theming, Responsive Design, New touch components, Charts and testing on a real touch device.


  • Experience with Ext JS 4

Target Audience

Ext JS Developers who want to join an expert training to learn how to migrate an existing Ext JS 4 MVC application to Ext JS 5 MVVM application architecture and optimize Ext JS apps for Touch devices.

Duration: 4 full days classroom or 7 half-days for Live Online Training
Cost: $2,800/developer (6 developer minimum) $2,000 per additional developer. Plus instructor travel for onsite. (US Prices)
Location: On-site at your location, Live Online, or worldwide at Open Sencha Training

Course Outline

Ext JS 5 Update Training


  • What's new?

Sencha Core

  • Sencha Cmd 5
  • The class system
  • Changes to the data package


  • Layout
  • Field Triggers
  • Tag field
  • Multi-selector
  • Custom fields

Migrating from Ext JS 4 MVC to MVVM

  • View models
  • Data binding
  • View controllers



  • Widgets
  • Row rendering
  • Optimizing big data

New Ext JS 5 Components

  • Breadcrumbs
  • Multi select grid
  • Toast Messagebox
  • Mashups

During this course you will build two Ext JS 5 applications with the new MVVM application architecture; YelpExtplorer and the Pokemon-App.

Course Outline:

Migrating from Ext 4 to Ext 5 & Optimizing for Tablet/Touch support


  • Course Introduction
  • About Mobile
  • About Ext JS 5

Getting Started

  • How to Upgrade
  • About Merge Tools
  • About Sencha Cmd 5
  • Dealing with Deprecations

Running Mobile Apps

  • Emulators
  • Simulators
  • Run On Device

Touch Themes

  • About The New Touch Themes
  • How To Switch Themes

Ext5 = HTML5

  • About HTML5
  • Utility Checks

What's New

  • Event System
  • Touch Gestures
  • Offline Proxies

Designing For Touch

  • New Components (TabPanels and Segmented Buttons)
  • Responsive Design
  • Touch Charts

During this course you will port the Band Manager App to a mobile Ext JS 5 Touch application. You will modify the app, to provide a rich mobile experience, and you will make sure your app runs offline.

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