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5ivePoints Campaigner by 5ivePoints Campaigner

5ivepoints makes campaigning for politicians mobile and fun.

5ivepoints is the mobile campaigning platform for political campaigns. Contacting voters, geo-located walk lists, phone calling, promoting candidates and issues in social networks; all can be done right from your iPhone. With missions, points, badges, and leaderboards, you can compete with your friends while having a real-world impact. Install 5ivepoints, select a campaign, and start campaigning today!

5ivepoints lets a campaign create missions for its supporters. These missions include:

  • Add a Voter—via realtime search of voter rolls
  • Calling Voters—added automatically from your Facebook friends!
  • Door to Door Knocking—transform traditional walk-lists into geolocated instant voter lookups
  • Facebook/Twitter Yard signs—great way to spread virally online
  • Event Check-in (geolocated)
  • Anytime Check-ins
  • Share The App
  • Letters to The Editor—Supporters can participate in mailing campaigns with just one click
  • Instant Polling
  • Checking in voters at polls—The most important mission

And best of all, you can create your own Missions and broadcast them to your supporters instantly. From driving people to the polls to getting Tony a slice of Pizza, missions can be whatever you want them to be.

If you are a campaign (issue campaign, union, or person running for office) of ANY size and would like to use 5ivepoints, sign up for free at and you’ll have an instant mobile app for your campaign! Time to get out the vote, and get your supporters using the devices in their pockets to get you elected

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