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Mobile Portfolio Manager by Mobile Portfolio Manager

Load all of your stocks into your phone by entering the ticker, number of shares purchased, and price purchased. The application uses the price purchased times the number purchased to figure out the cost basis; this allows the application to base the up or down icon on your personal gain or loss. The data that you enter is stored on your mobile device, which is how we can get away without asking you to give out your email to yet another web service. The data comes from Yahoo finance and has an approximate 5 minute delay.

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Sencha Touch works on the most popular mobile devices representing more than 90% of the smartphone market, including BlackBerry OS 6, Android, and Apple iOS.

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Sencha Touch is the leading HTML5 mobile framework. It allows you to develop mobile web apps that look and feel native on Apple iPhone, Google Android, and BlackBerry touch devices.

Sencha Touch is completely free to use, though we do have professional support and training available for you and your team.

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