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Shape Diary Pro by Shape Diary Pro

Shape diary is the only app you need to track your weight, waist measurement and lifestyle! It's intuitive, easy to use and it's beautiful to look at. (With retina display support) It's a universal app that runs on both your iPhone and iPad with bigger charts.

It helps you to log important information daily, including:

  • Waist Measurement (in inch or cm)
  • Weight (in pounds or kilograms)
  • Food Pattern (diet, moderate or overeat)
  • Activeness Pattern (relax, moderate or workout)
  • Notes (jog down important information, eg: “My fifth day on YUI diet, I think it works!”)

It shows your shape chart:

  • 4 views: One week, Two weeks, One month, and Three months
  • Dotted line to show actual trends (more reliable)
  • Your food/activeness pattern on the top of the chart

Why it’s helpful to log food and activeness pattern:

Each individual responses to food and activeness differently. With these patterns logged and showing on top of the chart, it’s easy to see which impacts your shape more: food intake or activeness. It’s easy to log them with Shape Diary, just tap once.

You can set the chart to show both waist measurement and weight in two modes

  • Up and down (showing waist trends in the upper portion and weight in the lower portion)
  • Overlay (showing both on the same chart, waist labels at right hand side and weight at LHS)
    You can also choose to show only one chart.

It also helps you to decied your PERFECT waist measurement and weight, based on your:

  • Height
  • Gender

Other main FEATURES:

  • Optional passcode to protect your privacy
  • See all your logs in table view with differences from previous log and notes you added before
  • Email backup all your data
  • Two beautiful color themes, blueberry and cerise, for you to choose

Why waist measurement is more important than weight?

Falling into your ideal weight range for height is NOT as accurate in determining health risk factors as waist/height ratio. A 2010 study that followed 11,000 subjects for up to eight years concluded that BMI is not a good measure for the risk of heart attack, stroke or death. A better measure was found to be the WAIST-TO-HEIGHT RATIO.

Some professional athletes would be “overweight” according to their BMI, despite them carrying little fat… BMI categories do not take into account many factors such as frame size and muscularity. The categories also fail to account for varying proportions of fat, bone, cartilage, water weight, and more.
(From Wikipedia: BMI)

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