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Youth Fitness by Youth Fitness

Youth Fitness is developed with the idea to provide structured methods for working with kids and youth athletes. Every method is upgrade for the method before and it is structured in a progressive way.

We target first to develop general physical preparedness (GPP) to relative strength and later on to provoke the power cardio systems. As far as those methods are developed for youth athletes and kids, they have to be progressively implemented.

We start with body weight exercises, but we also involve different tools—sandbags, battling ropes, kettlebells, plates, dumbbells, skipping ropes. We have also developed different levels for some of the methods to ensure that you can successfully implement them. You can start with Easy level, go to the Medium and when you feel strong to get to Advanced level.

We progress not only the volume and intensity of the exercises, but also the exercises themselves. In this way you can developed different qualities as agility and coordination.

To ensure you can follow correctly the sequence of exercises, we have developed:

  • videos which can navigate you throughout all the practice.
  • timers which can tell you how long is the practice as well as how long is each exercise.
  • reminders for the next exercise.
  • reminders for how long is left to the next exercise—5 seconds before the next exercise you have also sound signal for it.
  • complete preview of the exercises, so you can see how exactly to do it before you start the sequence of all exercises.
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