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ColdExt Project Updated With New Beta Release, Wiki and Tutorials

March 27, 2008 | ReyBango

ColdExt project lead Justin Carter announced today that he has enabled a new ColdExt Wiki to begin organizing the project's documentation and tutorials:
"The ColdExt Wiki is now enabled on RIAForge and I have started out with baby steps by writing a Getting Started Tutorial which covers the absolute basic requirements of getting up and running with ColdExt. I have a number of pages and tutorials planned for the wiki (some of which I have already made notes of on the wiki home page) and will get around to adding them as soon as I can. If anyone would like to help out with documentation (rofl!) or start a discussion about what documentation is needed the ColdExt Forums could be a good place to do it. I am open to suggestions!"
In addition, Justin recently released beta 1 of the ColdExt ColdFusion library which serves as a wrapper to make server-side use of the Ext framework easy for ColdFusion developers. Some of the newest features include:
  • 7 new tags, 3 new grid demos
  • 90%+ of the tags have been updated with inline documentation
  • EditorGridPanel provides support for editable grids (only supports input and comboBox fields at this time, more to come very soon)
  • GroupingStore and GroupingView can now be used for grouping in both GridPanel and EditorGridPanel
  • GridRowNumberer can be used as a numbered column in Grids (though it doesn't support paged grids - by design from the Ext Team)
  • New <ext:html> tag for including arbitrary chunks of HTML inside panels and forms
  • Tags which don't require a closing tag will now work as a single tag without a trailing slash (partial support)
  • Tags which require a closing tag will throw an error if the closing tag is missing (partial support)
  • Initial implementation of attribute validation in some tags (starting with the panel tags to assist with rendering issues)
  • Support for including the Ext debugging JS
  • The bundled version of CFJSON has been updated to the latest v1.9
  • CFEclipse tag insight (/dictionary/coldext.xml)
ColdExt Beta 1 can be downloaded from RIAForge.

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