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Ext GWT 2.2 Beta Released

July 21, 2010 | Darrell Meyer

The Ext GWT team is happy to announce the availability of Ext GWT 2.2.0 beta. This release brings several improvements and new features. A full change log and online documentation can be found on the download page.

Ext GWT gets Strict

Previously, Ext GWT only officially supported quirks mode, or non-standards mode. With 2.2.0, Ext GWT supports the strict doctype. We have updated the Explorer demo to run in strict mode using the following doctype:


This should be of great benefit to organizations who enforce strict mode as a development standard.

Ext JS 3.2 beta features Animated DataView transitions

Grid & TreeGrid Column Reordering

Column reordering has been an often requested feature. We have now added the ability to reorder columns using drag and drop to Grid and TreeGrid. We also made this configurable on a per-column basis.
Grid and TreeGrid Filters

Advanced Grid Filters

We've also added the ability to filter any column in a Grid or TreeGrid by adding filter fields to the columns headers. Filters support both client and server side filtering. The new code ships with several different filters for different data types. These include:
  • BooleanFilter
  • DateFilter
  • ListFilter
  • Numeric Filter
  • StringFilter
Ext GWT SpinnerField

Spinner Field

The new spinner field is a number field with up and down icons for changing the value. The increment, minimum and maximum values of the field are all configurable.
Access Theme

Accessibility Updates

We spent quite some time making our library accessible. With 2.2.0, virtually all components have been updated for accessibility support. In addition, we have introduced a new high contrast theme and added support for Windows high contrast mode.
The Ext GWT 2.2.0 beta also includes over 50 bug fixes. We recently unveiled our new doc application, (see our blog post for more information). The API docs for this release are available here. Head over to our Ext GWT download page to grab the release.

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5 years ago

The column reordering and filtering is hot. Any idea on when this will go final?


5 years ago

Good news! Do you plan more 2.2 beta versions? What’s your estimated schedule for final release?

Darrell Meyer

5 years ago

@Jerry We plan to release 2.2.0 the first week in August.

@Fred Based on community feedback we will determine if we need another beta release before we go final. After we go final, the first patch release will be made available as well to ensure no blocking bugs are in our public release.

Thanks for your comments.


5 years ago

I am really linking the looks of those Advanced Grid Filters. Very stylish and extremely useful.


5 years ago

Filters is a helpful feature helps remove unnecessary custom code.


5 years ago

The new features are really great! I’m impatient this is final (the project I work upon uses the Maven version, which is still 2.1.1).


5 years ago

When will 2.2.0 be released?


5 years ago

I am wondering whether 2.2.0 widget and new explorer demo is using new stuff in GWT like MVP pattern / code split and so on…


5 years ago


we are using bread crumb to display data in fixed width and height  

the problem is we are not able to view over flow data

is there any method to view hidden data other than using scroll bars


4 years ago

Hi, I’m using gxt.jar(2.2), and I got a problem that the SpinnerField doesn’t work well ,when I click the trigger, it gave a Null Pointer Exception. and I think the gxt.jar(2.2) used for the demo on the official website is different form the jar released. Does anyone have the same problem?  thanks for giving a talk.


4 years ago

is it available in maven repo?


4 years ago

I think the filter can be improve by locate the filter under header and not inside popup hidden there.

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