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Guest View: What I Learned Deploying a Single App Platform in HTML5 - See more at:

October 23, 2014—Ultimately, we decided on Sencha Ext JS for its superior browser compatibility and for how it handles vast amounts of data with out-of-the-box features and components. After deploying HTML5 apps, we’ve experienced an overall improvement in application performance, saving an average of 11 seconds on processing time. SD Times

Global investment company banks on HTML5 Web apps

August 25, 2014—Ultimately, the team decided to go with Sencha because it offered many components out of the box. Parhizkar also noted that Sencha offered "top-notch" enterprise support. All in all, Parhizkar said he is pleased with the investment. He does, however, have some advice he would give anyone faced with a similar project. "Definitely have training sooner rather than later," he recommends. "Even before you start the project, either get online or on-site training." TechTarget

What’s a Mobile App to Do? Where MDM Went Wrong and Where the Answers Lie

August 05, 2014—The single container approach that utilizes HTML5 addresses many of the challenges developers and IT administrators face, while delivering seamless experiences for end users. Wired Innovation Insights

2014 Guide to Mobile Development

July 10, 2014—Widely understood front-end web development languages such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript provide the logic behind a web app, and there are plenty of tools and libraries out there to help web developers direct their skills toward mobile devices. Sencha Touch [is one example] of mobile web frameworks that provide UI components and logic for sliders, swipes, and other touch-activated controls that are common to native mobile applications. DZone

New Sencha CEO Sees Need for Global Alliance Program

June 19, 2014—Art Landro, the new CEO of Sencha, a provider of a mobile-application development tools optimized for HTML5, plans to create a global alliance program. Aimed at other technology vendors and business partners, such as systems integrators and independent software vendors, the program should help developers of mobile computing applications more easily plug into a range of backend services, according to Landro. Channel Insider

New Sencha CEO Art Landro Brings the ‘And’ to the Touch Community

June 19, 2014—Among the topics Landro and I discussed was the issue of supporting all of the legacy apps IT is managing that now have to be delivered to mobile end points in BYOD situations. Sencha does not intend to act as referee in the HTML5 vs. native debate, as much as it intends to give enterprises a platform on which to deliver apps to the most people, on the most devices, and as easily as possible. HTML5 Report

Sencha Ext JS 5 Unifies Mobile, Desktop App Dev

June 06, 2014—Sencha, a provider of HTML5 development tools for desktop and mobile applications, announced an upgrade to Ext JS, its flagship development platform for building cross-browser applications. Ext JS 5 enables developers to build or move desktop apps to mobile devices with little to no modification to the existing code base and within the same development tools they already use. eWeek

Sencha Ext JS 5 Streamlines Desktop and Mobile Application Development from One Unified Platform

June 05, 2014—Sencha, a leader in powering HTML5 development for desktop and mobile applications, today announced a significant upgrade to Ext JS, its flagship development platform for building unmatched cross-browser applications. Ext JS 5 is a big step forward for desktop and mobile application development as developers can now easily build and/or move desktop apps to mobile devices, with little to no modification to the existing code base and within the same development tools they already use. Available immediately, Ext JS 5 further entrenches Sencha as the standard for building apps that, with a single code base, can run on touch-based devices as well as computers using either modern or legacy browsers. Sys-Con

Actual mobile/desktop convergence: Sencha’s Ext JS 5 weans the net from the Web

June 05, 2014—Whether the Web continues to be the principal metaphor that everyday users recognize for delivering information through the Internet will depend on whether the rise of mobile-style apps eventually tapers off. Presently, such a tapering does not appear to be in the cards. In fact, the case for apps dominance may have been bolstered this week with the official release of the latest version of the Ext JS development framework for HTML5 by Sencha. Fierce Enterprise Communications

HTML5 platform helps digital signage, mobile apps liven nightlife scene

June 05, 2014—Rhon Daguro's planned career change from Silicon Valley software developer to restaurant-nightclub guru didn't materialize. However, during that time he spotted a customer need that led him to a new tech career. Today, he is CEO of Nervana Group, which brings interactive touchscreen technologies to the hospitality and education industries. Getting service ready to enter the mobile sphere called for a new HTML5 platform that combined mobile and large experiential touchscreen technologies. TechTarget