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Sencha Tackles Google Android Fragmentation

December 10, 2014—To address that issue, Sencha has created Sencha Space 1.2, which enables HTML5 developers to deploy a run-time environment that is consistent across all Google Android devices. As part of the update, Sencha is also making available Sencha Space APIs that enable everything from allowing applications running in different instances of Sencha Space to securely communicate and share data with one another to a sensor API that provides access to a wide variety of device types. ProgrammableWeb

Sencha Licks Android 5.0 Lollipop, And Likes

December 06, 2014—Just off the main PR-driven bulletin freeway this week is "news" of open-source web application frameworks and tools company Sencha… and its developer team's thoughts on Android 5.0 Lollipop. Sencha has reviewed Google's recently released Android 5.0 Lollipop to see how it stacks up against, and impacts, web app development. Dr. Dobb's Journal

The problem with acquisitions? Tying the technology together

November 06, 2014—For the user interface function, for example, Thornhill chose an HTML5 application development framework from Sencha, a company based in Redwood City, Calif. “We wanted as few technologies as possible,” he said. “HTML5 is pretty damn close to write once, deploy everywhere.” Fortune

New Products of the Week

November 03, 2014—Key features: Space 1.2 is a platform to securely deploy and manage business applications, empowering organizations to manage apps and data across all devices and screens—including desktops, tablets and smartphones. Network World

Sencha Expands JavaScript Tools that Leverage Cross Platform HTML5 Mobile App Development

October 31, 2014—Sencha Space provides the ability to deliver business applications to desktops, tablets, and smartphones in a secure web application environment that encrypts and segregates proprietary apps and data on the device. It helps reduce the cost and complexity of multi-device enterprise application development, maintenance, and deployment by eliminating the need for multiple code bases, native packaging, consumer app store deployment, and the use of sensitive apps in insecure consumer browsers. App Developer Magazine

Sencha App Platform Adds Desktop, Android Features

October 31, 2014—With app management platforms proliferating in the new mobile-first era, Sencha Inc. has added some new twists to its offering such as including desktop applications in the mix and addressing the "Android fragmentation" problem with its Web-based cross-platform approach....Sencha introduced a desktop client application so users can use one integrated platform to deploy applications to mobile devices and desktops. With Sencha Space 1.2, users download an app for their device/desktop/laptop that's connected to a console used by admins to control user access to applications and data. With this universal control, Sencha said it shields users from disruptive changes caused by rapidly evolving devices and platforms, including security-related considerations. Application Development Trends

Sencha Melds Desktop and Smartphone Management with Space

October 31, 2014—An upgraded version of Sencha’s Space platform has the potential to bring together desktops, smartphones and tablets, with lower management costs along the way....Instead of running the apps in a browser, Sencha has developed a more secure client for them to run in. With version 1.2 of Space, the client can run on desktops in addition to smartphones and tablets. Once the client has been installed, users can access the same apps they have previously used on their mobile devices. IDG

Sencha Rolls Out The Latest Flavor Of Its Cross-Platform Mobile Toolkit

October 28, 2014—Sencha is a cross-platform, cross-form factor development platform. Its platform covers the entire application lifecycle from architecture to design, development to testing and management....The company is today rolling out the latest version of its deployment and management product, Sencha Space. The new product allows enterprise customers to manage applications and data across all their users devices – desktop, laptop and mobile devices. This is important since the move to Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) has created an IT headache. IT has to support a massive variety of endpoint devices – delivering applications to all those devices is a difficult task – Sencha makes it easier. Forbes

Guest View: What I Learned Deploying a Single App Platform in HTML5

October 23, 2014—Ultimately, we decided on Sencha Ext JS for its superior browser compatibility and for how it handles vast amounts of data with out-of-the-box features and components. After deploying HTML5 apps, we’ve experienced an overall improvement in application performance, saving an average of 11 seconds on processing time. SD Times

Global investment company banks on HTML5 Web apps

August 25, 2014—Ultimately, the team decided to go with Sencha because it offered many components out of the box. Parhizkar also noted that Sencha offered "top-notch" enterprise support. All in all, Parhizkar said he is pleased with the investment. He does, however, have some advice he would give anyone faced with a similar project. "Definitely have training sooner rather than later," he recommends. "Even before you start the project, either get online or on-site training." TechTarget