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Sencha Ext JS 5 Streamlines and Unifies

June 05, 2014—Sencha has announced an upgrade to Ext JS, its development platform for building cross-browser applications. Ext JS 5 promises to allow developers to build and/or move desktop apps to mobile devices with little to no modification to the existing code base within the same development tools. Dr. Dobb's Journal

Sencha has the Touch for the Enterprise

May 28, 2014—Few companies can claim they have ridden the wave of mobile communication like Sencha, which has been doing so since 2008. Starting with JQTouch and Raphael, the company’s contributions to open source expertise, they have been steadily building a community of developers (now numbering more than two million) who understand that the goal is to keep the code common when developing apps for a bring your own device (BYOD) world. HTML5 Report.

Top 10 Open Source Tools For Mobile Development

May 25, 2014—Here's a collection of 10 tools that wont need you to learn the complexities of Objective-C (iPhone) or Java (Android, BlackBerry) in order to make some really cool mobile apps. EFY Times

Post-Klout Lithium, New Native Ad Formats, More

May 23, 2014—What a busy week. There's Lithium's post-Klout products, a new video-oriented social platform, an SDK for adding video ads to apps, six new native ad formats and an update to Sencha's desktop-app-to-tablet-app framework. Plus, Pipeliner CRM has re-launched, Vobi has launched a new communication service, an updated report looks at trust and personal data, Moxie buys Simplybox technology, and a dyslexia app is looking CMSWire

Sencha Touch Store Server-Side Sorting

May 01, 2014—The sort parameters sent by the Store define the data model’s properties that the Store’s data need to be sorted by, and the sort direction for each model property. Note that I am saying “properties” instead of “property” because, as you already know, you can sort a Sencha Touch Store by multiple model properties. DZone

FeedHenry Builds For The “New Reality” Of Mobile

May 01, 2014—FeedHenry 3 arrives this week. The open standards-based mobile application platform is delivered as a cloud offering with new features around core functions including mBaaS and API management, role-based development and team collaboration. • Dr. Dobb’s Journal

Celtra Offers Cross-Screen HTML5 Tech for Brand Advertising

April 25, 2014—Which HTML5 camp are you in? Some think HTML5 hasn't met expectations as a platform for mobile applications. An IDC report, "The Evolving State of HTML5," noted the technology is still plagued with misconceptions. Native app development and HTML5 will continue to co-exist, the IDC predicted. Native app development will continue to be "the primary way mobile applications will be delivered and run." Others see the technology as promising. Sencha, an open-source web application frameworks provider, said standards-based HTML5 development, whose popularity has been growing in part because such apps can run cross-platform, has caught on big in the enterprise. Celtra feels there's promise. CMSWire

Sencha Space – Solving BYOD with Cross-Platform Management to Build and Deploy Secure Mobile HTML5 Apps

April 22, 2014—With more and more enterprises adopting BYOD policies, the challenge for IT departments has become how to manage personal and professional applications on the same device, making sure company information is secure without infringing upon personal privacy. The importance of this issue will only grow as mobility becomes an even greater fixture in the enterprise. App Developer Magazine

Research and Markets: Backend as a Service (Baas) Trends - Global Market Overview 2014-2017

April 22, 2014—Backend as a Service (BaaS), also referred to as Mobile Backend as a Service (MBaaS), is a unique platform that enables mobile and web application developers to store their applications on a backend cloud infrastructure. Backend-as-a-Service (BaaS) is witnessing an increasing adoption due to its several benefits to developers such as low development costs and accelerated time-to-market. Yahoo! Finance

Engage The Brain At Toronto IBM i Tech Conference

April 22, 2014—There are IBM midrange companies that strategize and even prioritize plans for strengthening their IT workforces with the intention of improving business processes and solving business problems. If you attend an event like the Toronto User Group's annual two-day technical conference April 24 and 25, you find people who work for those companies learning to use IBM i and Power Systems like its 2014 instead of 1994. If you are sitting on the sidelines, 20 years of IT innovation is a long time to be out of the game. IT Jungle