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College recruiting goes digital…and mobile

April 17, 2014—College recruiting is going mobile with a new digital signage and mobile integration. Prospective students are taking the college recruiting process home in their pockets, giving a university on-the-go, two-way access to recruits. Digital Signage Today

Learn What You Need to Know About Sencha Development

April 10, 2014—A few years ago, mobile applications were not much popular. But now, they gained massive popularity with the advent of Smartphones. These Smartphones use various mobile platforms like Android, Blackberry, IOS, windows, etc. To create an app that is friendly and compatible with most mobile platforms, one needs Sencha Touch Technology.

Sencha Reports on the State and Future of HTML5 App Development

March 19, 2014—A recent report commissioned by Sencha provides some interesting insights into where we are today and what the future holds for HTML5 app development. We visited with Sencha CEO Michael Mullany for a few minutes to talk about the report and get his views on the subject. App Developer Magazine

CNX Ups the Ante in Mobile App Development for IBM i

March 18, 2014—CNX Corp. yesterday unveiled a major new release of its flagship Web and mobile development tool for IBM i, the Valence Framework version 4.0. The new version is based on Sencha Architect 3, which CNX says allows IBM i shops to develop Web and mobile apps almost completely in a drag-and-drop manner. The updated portal also has a place for accessing 5250 apps that haven't yet been rewritten or modernized for the new HTML5 world. IT Jungle

Tizen App Challenge Winners Announced

March 17, 2014—Tizen has announced the winners of the Tizen App Challenge, a contest that awarded over $4M in prizes to app developers. 54 prizes were awarded to top ranked Tizen apps across 9 categories. In addition, the top rated HTML5 apps received $50,000 each. App Developer Magazine

HTML5 platform helps Web-based project management software go mobile

March 12, 2014—Fostering collaboration and efficiency in the workplace is nothing new, but how that is achieved is evolving as workers turn to mobile devices to access information. To keep pace with the transition, Andrew Filev, CEO of Wrike, a Web-based project management application, knew he needed to make his offering mobile-friendly. TechTarget/

Report: HTML5 is the Future for Enterprise Developers

March 12, 2014—A new report finds standards-based HTML5 development, whose popularity has been growing in part because such apps can run cross-platform, has caught on big in the enterprise. CMSWire

Developer Survey: HTML5 Gaining, Windows Slipping

March 11, 2014—HTML5 developers queried recently by tools vendor Sencha remain dedicated to building apps via Web technologies, even as doubts have been cast on how effective HTML5 is vis à vis native development. Many of those same developers, however, have dropped support for the classic Microsoft Windows platform. InfoWorld

HTML5 Is Making Strides Among Developers

March 10, 2014—Mobile developers write for a number of different platforms, so assessing surveys of their desires and lists of which platforms they are using is a bit tricky. It is not as if they must choose one. ITBusinessEdge

Drifty, Makers of the Ionic Mobile Framework, Raise $1 Million

March 10, 2014—Drifty, a participant in the TechStars Cloud 2013 incubator, and makers of a suite of tools for mobile developers building apps and websites, most notably, the Ionic framework, has closed on a million in seed funding, the company is announcing. The funding comes from Arthur Ventures, and will help the company grow its team and continue development on the Ionic framework. TechCrunch