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The Ultimate HTML5 App Builder

Build apps using Sencha Architect 3 and reach more people on more platforms leveraging HTML5. Sencha Architect 3 is the fastest way to build HTML5 apps for the web and mobile devices.

Explore the User Interface of Sencha Architect

The real power of Sencha Architect 3 is the beautiful and intelligently organized User Experience.
It’s optimized for efficiency and brings back the joy in building software.

  • User Extensions
    Add simple or complex functionality to your app on-the-fly with User Extensions. Build your own or choose one from Sencha Market and reuse them for future projects.

  • Frameworks at your Fingertips
    The Toolbox contains all the components of either Sencha Touch or Ext JS. Filters, categories, and search make finding the right component easier than ever.

  • Easy Access
    The Application Toolbar provides shortcuts to the most used features. Kiss long, confusing menus goodbye.

  • Your Ideas, Your Canvas
    Architect’s Canvas is where you can create your application’s UI visually. Drag a few components from the toolbox and configure them the way you like them… done!

  • Canvas Tabs
    Canvas Tabs allow you to easily switch between different parts of your project. You can edit code in one tab, check out the Initial view in another, and focus on a specific component in another.

  • See the Big Picture
    Architect’s Project Inspector lets you see the structure of your application and work on it quickly and precisely.

  • Theming
    Reskin the look and feel of your app with a single click using Themes in Sencha Architect 3.

  • Infinite Configuration
    The Component Configuration is where you can fine tune your application to the last detail. Contextual help means everything is explained, and never dumbed down.

  • Ever Helpful
    Architect comes with our online docs built right in, so they’re always up-to-date. Got a question? Add your comment right in the docs.



The Toolbox exposes everything our frameworks have to offer like Behaviors, Themes, and UI Components. Simply drag and drop an item into your app and manipulate it visually or in code.


Design and Code View

Design and Code View

Work as fast as you think. A single keyboard shortcut toggles between your app’s layout and code saving you seconds that add up to real time savings.

Project Inspector

Spend less time reading documentation and poking around source files. The Project Inspector neatly organizes all your files and assets in a separate area on the screen. Simply click on an item to see and modify its properties and attributes.

Project Inspector