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Ext Core Cross-Browser Javascript Library


Ext Core is a JavaScript Library for websites.

Ext Core is a JavaScript Library for enhancing websites.

Ext Core has great documentation and will always be free to use under the MIT Open Source License.

  • Carousel Examples

    Ext Core JavaScript Library Carousel Example

    Widget for browsing a set of objects; auto-play, animations, custom navigation and more.

  • JSONP Examples

    Ext Core JavaScript Library JSONP Example

    Connect to any API that supports JSON format. Fetches the latest photos from Flickr.

  • Menu Examples

    Ext Core Menu JavaScript Library Example

    Convert an existing list of links on the page to either a horizontal or vertical menu.

  • Combination Examples

    Ext Core JavaScript Library Combination Example

    Combine several powerful widgets to see how Ext Core JavaScript library can enhance your website content.

Ext Core Overview

Ext Core is a cross-browser JavaScript library for building dynamic web pages. The Ext Core JavaScript library provides basic cross-browser abstractions for DOM querying, element selection and more. It includes:

  • High performance, lightweight
  • Clear, maintainable code
  • An intuitive, easy to use API
  • MIT Open Source licensed

Ext Core Manual View Manual

Whether you are new to or an experienced user of Sencha frameworks, Ext Core Manual is an extensive resource in which everyone will be able to find and learn something new. The manual itself is a great example of how you can leverage Ext Core JavaScript library to spice up your website with a minimal amount of elegant and readable code.

Browser Compatibility

Ext Core supports all major web browsers including:

  • Internet Explorer 6+
  • FireFox 1.5+ (PC, Mac)
  • Safari 3+
  • Chrome 3+
  • Opera 9+ (PC, Mac)

safari firefox ie chrome opera

Ext Core is a JavaScript library licensed under the MIT Open Source license and may be freely included in your projects under that license. For more open source projects from Sencha that are licensed under the MIT license, check out Sencha Labs.

Check out the latest and greatest with Ext Core 3.1 SVN:

svn co