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“We save 10-50% in development time by using rich built-in UI components such as grids, drag and drop, and dialogs. With Ext JS, we get a consistent, modern UI that performs like a traditional desktop app.”


“Ext JS won out on all counts. It builds beautiful yet powerful user interfaces quickly and easily.”


“After reviewing design, function, direction, documentation, and supporting user community of various JavaScript frameworks, we chose Ext JS.”

“When we came across Ext JS we decided to scrap six months of previous work and redesign everything. It was the best decision we ever made.”


“Ext JS allowed us to develop a rich, sophisticated interface in less time and with a smaller development team than would have been needed with other JavaScript UI frameworks.”


“We rely on Sencha documentation and forums to resolve issues and get our new developers up to speed quickly. The Sencha Support team is very helpful and knowledgeable, and we get prompt responses to our tickets.”

Rally Software

“We needed to choose a library that was consistent in the way that it presents information to the user, but also consistent in the way that you code using the library. We chose Ext JS.”


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