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Sencha Touch Bundle End-to-end Mobile App Development

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Design and develop cross-platform, touch-based apps.

Sencha Touch Bundle is the industry’s first HTML5 product suite that provides mobile developers with the frameworks and tools they need to build touch-based apps in a single, integrated package.

Design and develop powerful touch-based apps

Sencha Architect

The ultimate HTML5 visual app builder

Sencha Architect empowers development teams to design, develop, and deploy desktop and mobile apps from a single, integrated environment.

Architect gives designers the ability to prototype applications with pixel-perfect clarity, and developers a powerful code editor that improves productivity by taking away the tedious parts of software development. With Sencha Architect, designers and developers can work in lock-step to create amazing applications.

The ultimate HTML5 visual app builder

Powerful mobile app development platform

Sencha Touch

A powerful mobile app development platform

Sencha Touch, the industry-leading mobile web app framework, enables developers to build rich, mobile apps and provides access to powerful HTML5 technologies such as geolocation, localStorage, and CSS3.

With Sencha Touch, developers create smooth and blazingly fast apps that run on iOS, Android, BlackBerry, Kindle Fire, and more.

Powerful mobile app development platform

Sencha Touch Charts

Rich, interactive charts built in HTML5

Sencha Touch Charts breathes new life into your data and utilizes hardware acceleration for optimized performance. With natural gesture support in Sencha Touch Charts, visualizing and understanding complex datasets is effortless.

Pinch-to-zoom, swipe-to-pan across data, and tap for deep dives. Data flows come to life with every tap, pinch, and swipe.

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Learn how to add charts to your Sencha Touch application using Sencha Architect.

Sencha Touch Grid

Superfast grid for viewing/modifying tabular data on touch devices

Sencha Touch Grid is a highly optimized grid component. Sencha Touch Grid makes it easy to fetch, sort, filter, and edit large amounts of data on touch devices. It's easy to configure each column of the grid as well as customize each column using renderers. Sencha Touch Grid supports extra functionality through plugins such as view options (show/hide/reorder columns), column resizing, row editing, multi row selection, paging toolbar, and summary row.

Sencha Touch Grid

Sencha Support

Sencha Support Package

Complete support for the entire bundle

Sencha Touch Bundle includes business-class support for the entire bundle (Architect, Touch, Touch Charts, and more). This includes a premium forum account, access to our online ticketing system, rights to all major and minor upgrades, and more.